Speed UK Victory Speech

Here’s the victory Speech from the player with the winning World Wonder on the recently completed UK Speed Server:

Massive congratulations to the alliances that won. Thanks have to go out to all leaders especially for keeping everyone motivated to send wheat and defence for such a long endgame…


and Renegade (plans were awesome)

And thanks to the WW sitting team and sorry for the general me sleeping in and getting drunk too often!

FZA (let him off for the 2 week holiday the second day of WWs! )
Corin – chief troops starver
Pip from Kismet (sorry for sleeping in)
Big Pop
Ella from Half Figs
Corrupt (Kat :*)
Ayah from reddruby (inlove)

Very long list, but I can say not once did my account have a SCU usage the whole server/only 3 people ever knew the password and were always legit duals (don’t many WW holders could say that honestly)

I am so happy and proud we won. I also enjoy how HoS have picked up some fans in endgame… We were very arrogant throughout the server on the forum, but i hope with our performance we have shown that there was a good reason for this. All the more hammers hitting us the better really as we proved more people wrong and made the win even sweeter. This has been one of (if not the) biggest winning margin on ukx and to be done against 80% of the server it is truly an amazing victory. Hammers in HoS were exceptional, much to the fact that everyone got passed around the 50% artifact and queued lots of siege, as we have shown much better to have 8 hammers with lots of siege rather than 2 huge hammers.

I have been very impressed by the opposition this server too, TUS are an awesome alliance, only thing that disappointed me was their bow out on trying to take the 5x artefact, I feel they could have done something better with their armies. Simcity produced a good amount of hammers, 1 or 2 which were VERY impressive! SAU also did very well all server. UV…. well what can i say, amazing hammers from such a small amount of player, stealing plans all endgame was awesome and their hits on me were also very good! The fact that everyone’s defence was o poor handed us the victory though, i really hope next server people actually make defence!

Thanks everyone for such a great ukx server

James (FlacidBell)


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