Some Site Updates

Before I get to the Hall of Champions Induction, posting my interview with Red Queen from PTT, and then trying to get caught up on and posting about Travian 3.6, here’s a few updates about the site.

By far the most important piece of news that I’m going to start covering Travian servers in India.


I said when I started this site that my goal was to make a Travian Hall of Fame for the winners of all english-speaking servers, and at  the time, I thought that was just the International .com servers, and the USA/UK/Australian region servers. I didn’t realise that India also had english servers. They also have a server that’s in Hindi, I probably won’t be doing any coverage for that on). So, I’ve added India to the Travian Servers links, and  to the Regional Servers page. Right now there are two english servers there. India is the second-most populated country in the world, so if Travian manages to catch on there I’m sure there will be a lot more servers to come in the future.

I’ve also moved the “Links” section into the sidebar, that way it won’t clutter up the Features page, and I can post as many links as I want.

Also, I’m happy to say that earlier today I passed 60,000 hits on this site since I started it. Not bad for a few months, hopefully if I can stay active and keep attracting visitors, I can pass 100,000 before the end of the year. That sounds like a good goal to me.

In case you missed them, I made some Travian Champions Userbars, so if you like this site and you want to help promote it, add them to your signatures on whatever Travian forums you visit. Remember, the more people who know about the Hall of Champions, the more it matters.

2 Responses

  1. Hey randomgeek,

    They also running an english server here. Small bit of politics, not much to do to cover up…maybe you wanna try there too. 😉


  2. Hi,

    We’ll only be having English servers from now on, since it is the language common to all Indians.

    TG India

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