Youtube Video of the Final Moments of

This video is a little rough, but if you want to see the final momentsof from the view of Obor, the winning World Wonder holder, then enjoy watching it:

I didn’t make this video, it was sent to me by Heinz James from Ap.PTT and I’m not sure who the person who originally made it was. Whoever it was, thanks!

This video is the first to come from my new Youtube account that I’ve made for this site.  If I have the time I would like to make my own videos sometime, but right now I think I have other things to do relating to this site that are more important. I might try to make a “Travian playlist” on Youtube that I think readers of this site might like, so if you like this site and you have a Youtube account you might want to subscribe to my account. You can find my Youtube account here:


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