S8.com: Runner-Up Postgame Speech From Brooke (SBD)

Because 2nd place and 3rd place were so close on Server 8, Travian Champions is pleased to present a runner-up post-game speech from Brooke, one the leaders of Silent but Deadly.

Hey everyone, just wanted to say, we had a fun server, and although our quad was split, we still had a blast. Sometimes its more fun to say “I’m not gonna take any crap,” then it is to grin and bear it, that has been my personal moto all server. Perhaps if Sin and Dash had kissed and made up with Ares, we would have had a better shot at the win, but it’s not all about a win, it’s about having fun, and we had plenty of that. 

Some people question why we only took one World Wonder, which was probably our downfall. The answer is because the quad was in such a shaky political situation leading up to endgame, we decided that to take more then one would possibly cause a total split, and we wanted to at least make one final team effort. 

I made some great friends on S8, from all quads, and I honestly cannot think of a single leader who played out the whole game that I dont like or respect, from any of the major alliances. I think most leaders feel the same, and that’s awesome. For as much shit talking as I am known to do, really, its all in fun, and what is better then that? Congrats to Aperian and Ptt, for pulling off the win. See you next round 🙂 

Deepest Regards, Brooke.


Brooke was on the leadership council of SBD, which was a coalation of alliances in the NE that had been at war with each other for most of the server, but yet managed to have very impressive close finish on S8.com. Brooke also finished Server 8 ranked as the #35 player and the 29th best defender.

Expect an interview with Brooke on Travian Champions sometime in the near future!


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  1. Brooke is Awsome, i hope she plays again 🙂

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