Website Status Update and Travian 3.6

Yesterday was the start of Server 10 on, the first ever Travian 3.6 server. The news about Travian 3.6 came a huge surprise to me and many other players, who had no idea something like this was in the works. And because I’ve been very busy in real life and because I have a lot of other things that I’m working on for this site, I haven’t been able to write about it so far. I’m hoping to have some more time during the next few days, because believe me, I have a lot to say about Travian 3.6.

But before I get to that, I want to finish up my Server 8 coverage, including the Hall of Champions Induction, but I also want to do some interview with some of the leaders, and go into detail about the final days of the server.

If you haven’t heard about the Travian 3.6 changes yet, here they are. The parts that are Green will only take effect with brand new servers, but all the other changes will be coming to the servers you currently play on:

Dear players,

There will be new version of Travian ready soon, and it will be tested in three domains. And yes, com is one of those testing grounds.

For that reason COM10 will start on Wednesday next week (November 4, 2009). The preregistration will start on Monday (November 2, 2009). There the new features will be tested and bugs fixed. Also, the following feature listing is not set in stone, but might change based on the experiences and player reports we get during the test rounds first weeks.

So here goes, and brace yourselves as the changes are… enormous.


  • Rally point: only 4 troop movements (attacks, raids and reinforcement orders) per building level (only NEW servers, com10 IS included) see also:
  • Status icons for reports, to identify easy attacks without losses, trades etc
  • Research loop for armory and blacksmith
  • Enough resources at…. and “capacity” after raids shown without PLUS (and for academy, armory and blacksmith)
  • Direct link to the NPC trade
  • Direct link to “instant build”
  • 10% off and def bonus removed (only NEW Servers)
  • PLUS cost down from 15 to 10 (only NEW Servers)
  • Graphics for artefact’s and resource fields
  • Village and link panel can be collapsed

Gold club:

  • Gold club costs 100 Gold for whole server time
  • Returning troops immediate callback (and they return immediately to your village) cost 3 gold (only NEW servers). This only affects returning troops. And only those without catapults and chiefs of any tribe. Those can not be called back immediately.
    Additional, the callback is not possible if the village is beeing under attack/raid hitting within the next 3 hours. <– This complete feature might be dropped and is therefore only a testing feature at the moment!
  • Master builder: prepare three more buildings in loop even without enough resources, cost 1 gold for each
  • Send away all troops before an attack comes in (they leave at the moment of the attack and return 180 seconds afterwards) 2 gold each time troops dodge. The total amount of dodges can be set by the player for each village separately (troops have to be at home for at least 10 seconds except they are returning from the usage of this option)
  • Trade route for 7 days, 2 gold per route for 7 days (only for own villages)

then there are free features in the Gold club:

  • Merchants run three times (if selected)
  • Farm list – you can setup to easy find and attack your farms
  • 15 and 9 cropper finder with oasis bonuses filter
  • Farm statistics easy overview how effective your raids to a specific village have been

Features formerly in the PLUS Account, now free for all players:

  • Enough resources at…. shown without PLUS (also for academy, armory and blacksmith)
  • “Capacity” after raids shown without PLUS

Changes for the PLUS Account:

  • Lowered price for PLUS Account from 15 to 10
  • Research loop for armory and blacksmith
  • 10% off and def bonus removed (to remove the possibility to buy a combat bonus for Gold)

Server 10 will be a test Server to work out the bugs with these changes, and to make sure they play all right. When I have the time, I’ll be taking a look at these changes and how they’ll affect the game. In the meantime, why don’t you leave a comment after this post saying what you think about these proposed changes? People seem to have a lot to say about this, the discussion thread at is 47 pages long!


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