S8.com: Runner-Up Postgame Speech From LEGO

Here’s the runner-up speech from the LEGO alliance on S8.com!

CONGRATS to the winners for the S8 Server.

Its been a real game where mostly all the players had fun playing, interacting and building friends all throughout from the start. It has been a wonderful and an exciting server till the last second, I believe good & strong opponents led to such an excitement.

I thank all the members of LEGO for being a part of our team and as promised we delivered the maximum of excitement. Without you folks it wouldnt have been possible to make LEGO such strong. I appreciate the game spirit with PTT folks as well, as being giving us an opportunity to be their top foes.

The evolution of LEGO of what i recollect was -E-, -EL-, LEGO (i.e. Merger of EL and OG). After this there were many alliances created and with help from all others, its become the complete LEGO.

I am not sure how many of the fellow players I will connect with in the next server, so till then Best of Luck and enjoy Life till then.

LEGO Leadership


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  1. Wish for you good luck in other servers 🙂

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