Ap.PTT Victory Speech for S8.com

Travian Champions is proud to present this victory speech from Red Queen, one of the leaders of the Ap.PTT Meta-alliance.

It is with a great sense of accomplishment and appreciation for all loyal and active members of both apeiron and PTT that I announce that the ap.PTT alliance has successfully completed the Wonder of the World, From the Ashes, and has won server 8.

If there is anyone out there who still doubts the dedication and unity of apeiron and PTT; tonight is your answer. Working together as one, we have shown the true power of teamwork, trust, cooperation, and coordination. All of our efforts up until now; the ceaseless troop building, sending countless merchants, and too many sleepless nights defending our brothers in arms, has led us to this point. It’s been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we have done all these months, victory is ours!

Our task was not an easy one. Our enemy was well trained, well equipped, battle-hardened, and they fought savagely until the last man. For this, they have earned our respect. To LEGO, you were an implacable foe that showed great teamwork, resiliency, and grit throughout the server. To SBD, you played with unquestioned skill, audacity, and discipline.

Deserving of special recognition are all those that spent so much of their time, energy, and patience building the ap.PTT World Wonders. Thank you Team Indoing, Team Klynch, Team Musi, Team Dani3x, Team Fred Garvin, Team Dyktator, Team King of Defense, and our winning Team Obor. Although Obor has placed the capstone on our victory, it was the collective efforts of all of our WW teams that made this night possible.

To our WW Hammers, we would be nowhere without your months-long commitment to building, defending, and feeding your armies. We know your patience, dedication, and gold reserves are not limitless, but we thank you for playing as if they were.

A big thank you to all the apeiron and PTT leadership and officers for spending so many hours organizing, managing, and coordinating the alliances. It was your willingness to put the needs of the alliance above all that has placed ap.PTT above all. Personally I would like to thank James-Heinz and the apeiron leadership for trusting us as much as we trusted them. Our victories were your victories, your defeats were our defeats.

In conclusion, let us take this moment to appreciate our victories, learn from our defeats and cherish all the many friends we have made on this server both within and without our alliances. To each and every member of apeiron and PTT, never forget who this victory truly belongs to – it belongs to you!

Best of luck to all and happy hunting.

On behalf of áp.PTT™,



The Red Queen account was co-played by two players, Ice and Jas. This was only her second time playing a game of Travian. In addition to helping lead Ap.PTT to a hard-fought victory, Red Queen finished ranked as the 60th player overall and the 180th best attacker.


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  1. I still remember, This WW From The Ashes. Yes it is from ZERO Pop WW Vilage to The winner.

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