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I posted a youtube video made by the winners of earlier, but here’s another one from one of their opponents. It was linked to in a comment on the old Video, but I think it definitely deserves its own post. It’s set to the music from “Breathe” by U2  which is one of the best songs from their new album, and it even has an inspirational message at the end.  (Two U2 songs in a week? Man, talk about a band that’s everywhere.)  Hine’s World Wonder may have come in last place, but it’s probably the highest last-place World Wonder I’ve seen at level 61. Enjoy:

Thanks a lot to Hines for sending this video to me.

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  1. That ww went up and down like 3 or 4 times. As did most all of the others. Its was the longest WW race , possibly ever. If you are going to declare PFF and TLL the winners, then PVP was their only serious competition, and was surely 2nd.

    The amazing thing was that it was the first time that PVP had been together, and many of the initial leaders had come from PFF in previous servers.

    IN the end, it was just fun to make friends. It didn’t matter who won.

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