Ap.PTT win S8.com

Ending Screen


After a long and grueling game of Travian with more plot twists and false finishes during the Endgame than anyone would have expected, Ap.PTT have won Server 8 on Travian.com. Congratulations to them on their victory, and congratulations to LEGO and SBD for putting up one hell of a fight. All 3 sides in this endgame played excellently and I’m sure many players from this server will be near to the Hall of Champions again sometime in the future.

Look for a Hall of Champions Induction for the winner sometime tomorrow, and I’ll try to get as much coverage and discussion about this epic server on this site as I can over the next couple of days.

And then we’ll turn this site’s attention to S6.com, and the final game of Travian 3.0!


2 Responses

  1. Obor loved the game, he personally was not able to work on the WW during the final week due to real life job issues. But without his skilled playing we never would have had a WW to build and have a shot at victory.

    I think what really helped us along the way was that no one believed we could win. Along with some careful planning and lots of loyalty from players earned during the game. It was the total team that cinched the victory.

    Gandolf, proud to be able to call Obor a friend.

  2. Obor=The flame Torch ; Indonesian

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