UK Travian Halloween Party / UK Speed Server Update

One thing I’ve learned by hanging around the various Travian forums (and believe me, I hang around the Travian forums a lot) is that the forums are a lot more “business” than the country-specific forums, like and The forums are always focused on the game, whereas the other forums are more about building a community of players, and having a good time.

This is just an observation, not a complaint. It only makes sense that the forums for the servers with the highest level of competition and the most focus on skilled player would also have the most serious forums, and that discussion on the forums would also have a predominately serious and competitive tone, moreso than anywhere else.

But man, the UK forums sure do throw better parties.

I’ve mentioned some of them in the past, like the  Travian prom, and the “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, but they’ve topped themselves with their Halloween party. So much so that I’m encouraging everyone who reads this site to drop by on Halloween Day to check out the fun (I know you’re going to be online playing Travian anyway, so there’s no excuse not to).

They really went all out for this:

Halloween Forums

But the decorations are just the beginning. They have so many different Halloween festivities I don’t even have time to write about all of them.

There are 7 different “Fright Night” competitions, each with a Halloween theme.

Then there’s a “Fright Night Battledome” forum as well, for forum role-playing fights.

And if that’s not enough, there’s a special “Fun and Games” forum with a lot of tricks or treats going on.

If you want to join in the fun, the festivities will run until Halloween, and the voting for the competitions will also take place on the 31st. The winners of the various competitions will be announced on November 1st.

On another Travian UK topic, the UK Speed Server is nearing its completion, and it will likely be the first entry into the Travian Hall of Champions on this site for a regional server (I said when I first started this site that I’d start doing inductions for US/UK/AUS servers with Travian 3.5). They’ve got great threads for updates on the endgame:

World Wonder Standings

World Wonder Battle Reports

Poll: Who do you think will win? (I’m surprised you don’t see these more often at the forums)

From the most recent standings, you can tell that there are lot of different alliances in the Endgame:

UK Speed Oct 27th Standings


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