S9.com video follow-up

“I’m hiding from these stupid spies, which kind of pointless because I’m posting this on Youtube…” – Sauce Monkey

Remember the video from Server 9 I posted earlier? Well there’s a follow-up video.

Watch as our beloved hero Sauce Monkey faces the horrors of massive attacks from the alliance JD, while also having to deal with he potential social ostracization of letting his football loving friends find out that he’s a hardcore Travian player.

If I was him I’d be a lot more worried about letting them see me wear that pink hat. Oh Snap!

Sauce Monkey has dropped down to 12 place in the rankings now, but that number will probably fluctuate as he rebuilds and possibly faces more attacks brought on by his trash-talk.

The temperature on Server 9 is continuing to rise slowly, with tensions between the big alliances continuing to grow, and rouge alliance like JD making life difficult for them. It should get really interesting once the Artifacts get here.


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