Travian Champions Userbars

If you like this site and you’d like to help promote it, put one of these Travian Champions userbars into your signature at the forums, your alliance forums, or whatever message boards you frequent.

I’ve made them in 3 different colors so pick whichever one you like.

Just copy and paste the following text into your signature:




Travian Champions Userbar 1




Travian Champions Userbar 2




Travian Champions Userbar 3

This post will also be added to the Features section of the site for easy access.

If you’d like a particular color that you don’t see here, that’s not a problem! Send me a message and I’ll gladly make you one in the color of your choosing. I can also make two-colored userbars, so if you’d like any combination of two colors I can hook you up.

I’ve never made userbars before and I don’t know how to do anything other than basic colours, but if anyone who knows how to make a userbar with a custom image would like to make one for this site, please send me an e-mail.

Many thanks to


By request, here’s a Red Version:



Travian Champions Userbar 4

And there was also a request for a pink one:



Travian Champions Userbar 5



5 Responses

  1. Travian forums says that the code you give “Has 2 images” whatever that means… 😦

  2. Pink would be coooooool

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