S6.com: The Final War of Travian 3.0

The S6.com endgame started on September 25th, so they’re now roughly a month into it.

This will be the last-ever Travian.com endgame with the Travian 3.0 rules, and the last server without Artifacts, Horse Drinking Troughs, Breweries, and the other new upgrades of Travian 3.5.

And it promises to help version 3.0 go out with a bang. Server 6 has a lot of highly skilled players in very competitive alliances.

Unlike some other recent endgames, this one has several different sides fighting it out, instead of just two sides holding almost of the World Wonders. When I have time I’ll do more of a profile on these alliances (anyone want to help me out with that?)

But for now, here are some recent standings and an outlook on how each alliance is doing.


~S~L~: 4 World Wonders, 3 of which are in the Southwest, one in the far south part of the Southeast.

LoD: 3 World Wonders, located in the Northeast

MFD: 3 World Wonders, located in the Northwest

One: 1 World Wonder (I guess their name is accurate), located in the Southeast

Oz: 1 World Wonder, also in the Southeast.

There’s a 13th World Wonder but it doesn’t have any plans and it’s still on level 0, so it likely will never become a factor in this Endgame.

Recent Standings:

1. ~S~L~
Level 59 (-334|-12)
Owner Bandrit
Population : 700

2. ~S~L~
Level 57 (-136|-181)
Owner shakal
Population : 706

3. ~S~L~
Level 56 (-92|-13)
Owner lubricious
Population : 709

4. LoD
Level 48 (330|29)
Owner simethered
Population : 430

5. OZ
Level 47 (171|-149)
Owner Fire&Ice
Population : 542

6. ONE
Level 44 (13|-91)
Owner Trinity
Population : 609

7. MFD
Level 41 (-174|141)
Owner Codename
Population : 583

8. MFD
Level 35 (-41|332)
Owner Brush Monkey
Population : 493

9. LoD
Level 33 (155|154)
Owner sparticus
Population : 511

10. MFD
Level 32 (-22|89)
Owner reddadude
Population 526

11. LoD
Level 31
Owner Lethal
Population : 523

12. ~S~L~
Level 29 (59|-333)
Owner Phoca
Population : 473

13. .
Owner Adelwar
Population 0

There’s a great discussion thread in the Travian.com forums for the Server 6 endgame if you’d like to know more.

Also, if you’re a Star Wars fan, be sure to check this post out: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=128670

I’m going to be working on getting access to an account on the server so that I can follow things more closely.


One Response

  1. Need an Account on s6 ??
    NP , please Send me an IN at the forums , my name is HOTROD and i have a 7.5 K , 2 CROPLOCKED VILLAGES AND 2K HAMMER ACCOUNT in s6 which i am fairly active

    you can follow all the fun from here as i have access to OZ and SL all along



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