Will the S7.com Endgame Arrive Early Too?

I mentioned in my last post how the Server 1 Endgame on Travian arrived about a month earlier than normal. Those of you who are playing on Server 7, you can probably expect the same thing to happen to you. It might even happen more than a month in advance. Look at these statistics:

Server 1 had its endgame start a month early, and it had 5952 players on October 10th, the day the Natar villages appeared. (according to the Travian analyzer)

Server 7 has only 5474 players right now

Given these numbers, I’d say you can probably count on the S7 endgame coming a lot earlier than normal.

Similar to Server 1, Server 7 filled up early and thus there was no more room for new players to replace the players who deleted. I wonder if these are just two isolated cases, or if people are just signing up for servers en-masse in ways they weren’t in the past. This could be an unintended consequence of Travian.com’s popularity.


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  1. Endgame is here far too early. It is particularly bad timing for many of the players in the USA, with NATARs due to arrive Thanksgiving week when many will be very busy with families.

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