S1.com Endgame Arrives Early


Many players on S1.com were surprised when the end of all things came earlier than usual. Here is the official announcement.  

The Natar villages normally show up when a server is about 300 days old, but on Server 1 they showed up at only 274 days – almost a month early.

I asked the Travian.com admin why the S1.com endgame was starting so early. Here’s what they said:

Because the server has too few players. If we would waited another month then nobody would be there to do an endgame anymore. To ensure that the endgame is still fun we therefore started it earlier.

It’s true, Server 1 is very light on remaining players. At the time that I’m writing this, it has only 5390 players left. That’s much lower than normal for a server entering endgame. Compare that to Server 8, which started almost 3 months ahead of Server 1, but has 7140 players, or Server 6, which is also in its Endgame, which has 7939 players. Compared to them, Server 1 is a lot more empty, and it will only get worse as the endgame rages on.

So why is Server 1 so light on players? Paradoxically, one reason is because it was so popular. The Server filled up very fast, and there was no more room on the map for new players, so they closed the registration early. That meant that as players left, there was no new players to replace them. For more about this, read this post I wrote earlier: https://travianchampions.wordpress.com/2009/07/08/s1-com-fills-up-early/

All the World Wonder villages have been conquered, and the alliances are waiting for the construction plans to show up. Because I’m busy with covering S8.com, I thought I’d quote from a really good analysis done on the Travian.com forums. (This was written on May 19th)

WW Villages


211 / IMOB / WW Gang
224 /witch /ExS~AVe
291 / .georgge. /LegendWW
321 / PlinDe /ExS~AVe
314 / Mary /WW SRB
280 / Beep Beep / WW Gang
187 /LadyBoy /LegendWW
322 / Kain / WW Gang
319 / Brezerk / BIA WW
289 / Necrolicious / WW Gang
302 /Assassins /OUR WW
320 / diamantul&ice / ExS~AVe
265 / Quasimodo / WW Gang

Alliance Analysis:

WW Gang (AOW*/105)
 Been touted as favourites since the server started, these guys have history on their side, multiple winners of several servers goes to show why they are the ones to beat. Do they have the defence to withstand the barrage that is likely to come their way, and will they have enough firepower left to break their enemies, considering they have spent nearly the entire server in a state of war? They put themselves in a good position, gaining 5 of the 13 WW villages. These battle hardened veterans will be looking to claim another server scalp to their already impressive list.

ExS~AVe (ExS/AVe). Said by many to be WW Gang’s biggest threat, the runners-up of last S1 are back to claim the prize. Not really stretched their legs as much as others would have liked to have seen, but maybe this will play into the hands of ExS~AVe with their larger hammers. The downfall could well be the lack of target practice these guys have had all server. Only time will tell if their plans will have worked. Looking strong in the early stages with 2 of their 3 WW up to a strong level so far, they have also secured the important Heir and Spare. Defences wont be as diluted as AoW*’s which could prove telling.

LegendWW (Legend).  They could be the dark horses of the server, many thought SRB and Legends would team up and compete for the WW together. It looks like they have decided to build separate ones. What will this do to the good relationship they have had for a while now? They could have put themselves in as strong a position as ExS~AVe if they took SRB’s WW village, but would they be willing to take the backlash they would not doubt receive from SRB and its allies? .george.’s WW village is growing at a steady rate, whereas Ladyboy’s is lagging behind everyone else’s. If Legends did take hold of two plans would they be able to sustain the growth of them both?

WW SRB (SRB). SRB’s one and only WW village is really pushing hard, to give them the best headstart over Legends. With them having only one village to defend and feed this could prove to be a tough cookie to crack. SRB will have to manage it carefully, one mistake could cost them the chance to really be a forefront runner.

BIA WW (BIA). The servers fence-sitters, never been involved in any high profile battles as far as I know, always prefered to take the approach to be everyone’s friend and no ones friend at the same time. Managed correctly we should see some huge hammers from these guys. Whether they decide to hop down from their fence and choose a side remains to be seen. No doubt which side they fall will be given a massive advantage. But can all that firepower they have lurking somewhere come off the bench and perform after sitting on the sidelines for so long? An alliance worth keeping a beady eye on.

 In a state of war from the early days these guys are tough cookies. Once sworn enemies, they show that all you need is love. With only one WW village its a tough task ahead for OUR WW, WW Gang will no doubt look to cut them off as soon as they can. The bad blood between these two alliances could get even messier due to WW Gang nabbing the other WW villages in the NW. Although IMOB’s may soon change hands, giving OUR WW the spare they so desperately need. Without it I dont see OUR WW putting in too much of a run. They have some strong foes just waiting for their chance to put OUR WW down for the count, once and for all.

Good analysis. As you can see, there are a lot of potential wildcards in this matchup, though the WW Gang and Eximus have to be considered the frontrunners. I think that a lot can happen and it probably will. Because there are so few players remaining on the server, any alliance team-ups or diplomatic shifts will definitely have a profound impact on who has the power. (Randomgeek’s side note: I hate the name “OUR WW”. That’s going to make for some confusing sentances when I try to write about this Endgame. Grrrrrrr. At least it’s not as bad as the alliance on S8.com that only uses a – dash as their name.)

This is also the first ever regular Travian.com Endgame to have artifacts, so those will likely have a huge effect on the outcome as well. That’s such a broad topic that I won’t even try to cover it right now, but you can be sure it will get talked about a lot as the endgame goes on.

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  1. We Need a S6.Com Website too

  2. When will S1.com be updated?

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