S8.com: The Tower of Ares

Here are the current S8.com Standings:

WW Standings Oct 23

So I’ve talked about how the Non-Aggression Pact between ap.PTT and SBD came to an end, and I’ve talked about the massive attack that ap.PTT launched on Cassini’s World Wonder in order to prevent it from winning. The fighting has been fierce all across the Server since then (there will be another post coming up to talk more about that), and this Endgame has gone on longer than anyone was predicting.

One of the most interesting developments during the past few weeks was the alliance Ares being able to conquer a World Wonder from ap.PTT, which they have now built up to level 50. And amazingly, it was on level 84 when they were able to bring it down and over to their side. By that time,  the World Wonder had plenty of infrastructure in place, meaning that they got a real boost on their efforts to catch up. They might not have time to catch up, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

King of Defense’s World Wonder faced some problems throughout the server LEGO wiped out a lot of its support villages, and his WW Construction plans were later briefly stolen by a player from SBD (both of these events were mentioned earlier in my S8.com coverage). A LEGO attacked revealed that it only had 300,000 defenders there, so LEGO decided to clear it out, and told Ares that they should try to conquer it. ap.PTT say they had given up on the World Wonder and that it was just a decoy, which is why is was so lightly defended (it’s not often that a World Wonder gets abandoned when it’s on level 84, but this isn’t your typical Travian endgame).

Here are some battlereports of LEGO clearing the village:

KoD World Wonder att1

KoD World Wonder att2

(If you find these too small to read, try zooming in, or click here and here to see the full reports.)

Vercingetorix, the leader of Ares, filled me in on some of the details of how it all came together:

 Vercingetorix: “At their (LEGO’s) request, ArEs finished clearing the World Wonder and attempted to chief it. We knew there was no residence, but we did not know (as many did not) that you cannot chief a World Wonder village if the Wonder  is still standing. So we cleared the village a second time (Jonixus cleared on both occasions) and then zero’d the World Wonder, then chiefed it. For a couple weeks, we had the village but had no plans, so we just worked on repairing infrastructure. During that time, I offered the Wonder as a back up to SBD – however, those offers received no reply.  …When we continued to be rebuffed, we set about hunting for plans. Bell-House of LEGO came under serious attacks and passed her WW plans off to us, and we started growing the Tower of ArEs. Within a week’s time, we also captured the plans that Dani3x (of ap.PTT) held and so we now hold two sets of plans.”

I talked about how Bellhouse from LEGO was under fire in this post. Since then, Bellhouse’s last remaining spare village has been destroyed, leaving him with only his World Wonder village.  LEGO probably made the best out of a bad situation here by transferring their plan for a World Wonder that could no longer be used to one that could. Because they were able to take a second set of plans from ap.PTT, Ares has become an unlikely contender in this already dynamic Endgame.

I’ll try to get more caught up on more the fighting I missed on S8 during my weeks off in my next post about the endgame. And I’ll also try to talk about what’s going on now.


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