Graphics Pack Competition

There’s a competition for players to design new Graphics Packs for Travian. Here are the contest details:

Tschena: We want to offer you a unique possibility to create a graphic pack for Travian. Each graphic pack will be checked and the best ones will be presented to the other players in a poll. The winning pack will be offered to all players and hosted by Travian.

The 3 winners will get nice awards:
1st place: 1 year Plus account
2nd place: 6 months Plus account
3rd place: 1 month Plus account

As theme for the graphic pack you can choose one of the following three things:
1) Graphic Pack for People with Red-Green Colour Blindness
2) Wintertime
3) Christmas

Some links which may be helpful:

One hint: if you violate trademark laws we can not accept your graphic pack.

Please send your graphic packs to until October 30th. We wish you good luck!

Kind regards

A graphic pack for people with red-green colour blindness is a pretty cool idea. That’s actually pretty common condition, someone in my family has it. Can you imagine trying to play this game without being able to tell a green sword from a red sword?

I’m sure a lot of people will like to have a Christmas theme as well. When we get to the voting round I’ll post an update on this.


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