Speed.com is Nearing its Conclusion

The Travian.com Speed Server will be ending soon, and just like all the other Servers, the winners willl be listed in the Travian Hall of Champions. Here are the current standings, according to a post in the forums:

1. RAYsama PFF To Dare Is To Do PFF&TLL 95
2. vir2e PFF-Joyride PFF&TLL 91
3. hawk TooGood SW – WW 86 –
4. bigtrouble MayonVolcano-WatArun PFF&TLL 83 –
5. powe The Union – Lulu Mae P-I-U 77
6. 7keys PFF-Never Surrender PFF&TLL 75
7. Saint FRY–Crop every day WW-SW 74 –
8. Tupeu.ro PVP world P-I-U 69 –
9. The Art of War G.W and Wings & Co AT 68 –
10. Landinho Fєєl the ιиτєиsιτy P-I-U 57
11. Capito PFF Fluffy PFF&TLL 54 –
12. gamerodoyle Hope & GoodWill WW-SW 51
13. HINE It’s P-I-U time P-I-U 46

Staying up to date with the Speed server is a difficult task and there’s also S6.com and S1.com to follow, so I’m not sure if I’ll have time to really do anything in-depth on it, but it will get added to Hall of Champions on this site when it ends.

If anyone has an account on the Speed server and would be willing to let me “co-play” on it just so I can hve access to the standings, please send me an e-mail or a PM on the Travian forums.


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