S8.com Standings Update

Here’s the current Standings on Server 8:

Travian WW Standings Oct 22

LEGO looks to be close to winning it, but one would assume that ap.PTT will make a move to knock down Arnold’s World Wonder soon.

I mentioned in my last post about S8.com that ap.PTT conquered the World Wonder that once belonged to CartesianCo. LEGO conquered it back thanks to Krabi. Right now the World Wonder is sitting at level 0 so they’re probably not doing anything with it.

More importantly, Bellhouse, who holds a LEGO World Wonder on level 78, has been reduced to only 2 villages. This means that Bellhouse effectively can’t hold onto World Wonder construction plans anymore, taking away any chance he would have of winning the game. Over the course of the last 5 days, 16 villages were wiped out.

Here’s the link to Bellhouse’s account on the Travian analyzer so you can see the destruction: http://travian-utils.com/en/?s=com8&idu=15341

This is a very impressive show of coordination by ap.PTT. They’ll have to coordinate another hit on Arnold fast to keep LEGO from winning though.

I’m planning on doing a post about how AR1 conquered the World Wonder from King of Defense in ap.PTT soon. Unfortunately I can’t find any battle reports for it right now, so if anyone has one that I can post please contact me.


2 Responses

  1. Nice blog,

    You got me interested and I’m thinking of signing up.


  2. Looking forward to it. I might join comx too…. if I can find enough people who want to play on one account. I’m aiming for at least 3.

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