A VIP version of Travian in Arabic?

There are 37 Arabic-language Travian servers for players in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other countries in that region (Iran, Qatar, etc.) The popularity of Travian there is phenomenal.

There was a story about Travian’s popularity in the Arab World in one of the region’s major English newspapers. Read the full story by clicking here. The article mentions that:

 …Travian (is) one of the few corners of the web where people from the Middle East are disproportionately represented. Despite representing less than three per cent of the world’s internet users and generating less than one per cent of all internet content, Arabic speakers make up more than 10 per cent of Travian’s four million active users.

What’s really interesting is the person who wrote the article spoke to the head of Marketing for Travian, and it sounds like they have something special planned for the Arabic servers:

The game’s popularity in the region has its parent company thinking big about how to capitalise on the Arabic world, said Bernd Heinisch, the head of marketing at Travian Games in Germany. “It has grown so big that we plan something specific and new exclusively for the Arab community,” he said.

“They love investing in their village, building up their projects. It makes people especially happy, and the return on the investment is a real sense of pride,” Mr Heinisch said. “They are happy to spend more money on more features. So now we’re planning on a kind of Arabic VIP version.”

I wonder what this VIP version is going to look like. Travian already has a VIP version that you pay for, technically speaking. It’s called a Plus account. So whatever they’re planning for the Arabic servers, it must be very special. I’m intrigued at the prospect of something “specific and exclusive,” and maybe a little bit jealous too. (Well I suppose I should wait until I find out what it is before I get jealous. Maybe I should start learning how to speak Arabic, I’m sure they need a Hall of Champions)

Shout out to Daniel for first highlighting this story on his Blog.


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  1. Can you imagine how much bigger it is on arab websites? I’m sure Arab-Google generates results that are much different than the us, uk or can version of Google.

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