S8.com: The battle at Cassini’s World Wonder

I’m fully aware that this is “old news,” but this is also one of the most epic battles you’re ever likely to see in Travian, so I thought I’d dedicate a post to it.

I detailed in this post how the Non-aggression pact between SBD (Silent But Deadly) and  ap.PTT (Apeiron and the Pan-Travian Tyrants) came to an end. There were rogue attacks from SBD members on ap.PTT’s World Wonders, weakening ap.PTT’s overall chance of winning. And then LEGO hit the leading ap.PTT World Wonder, meaning that Cassini’s World Wonder, the only one held by Silent But Deadly, was now ahead of all the rest.

ap.PTT had no choice but to attack if they wanted to still win the server. But it would be no easy task. Silent But Deadly was made up of some of the top alliances on the server, and because they only had one World Wonder to defend, their defense at Cassini’s was one of the heaviest in the history of the game.

That lead to the following awe-inspiring spectacle. Here are the battle reports from that day:

http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/vLn75W.png rayden
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/FQ5TWRi.png v3ngeance
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/giXn0f5.png blacksnow
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/5owQ35N.png Ann
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/seUyumI.png woodtroll
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/jYt3qCV.png preman
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/jJ0aL0.png nzaf
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/aVkf2np.png qemuel – SPECIAL
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/6MuHkb5.png yh031307
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/MKWkwlG.png Schadenfreude
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/lx4CVS.png indoing
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/s2br2Ni.png westish
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/U3SHQTq.png CoA
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/nm4GYn.png josh W
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/P1kEvxO.png Red Queen
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/jxNVmPE.png HMT7
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/wYWO8dB.png BlackOut
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/YUHkbEM.png trelph
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/UFl1j26.png Azael
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/yPVIO0w.png Set
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/bDKRn5d.png viper_d
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/WaimLVf.png shield
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/RMVgwAu.png koveras
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/rlNyNSU.png ZengJId
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/sGw6tf2.png Serbozilla
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/nr5myUn.png mystery59
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/1qbE4U8.png sawadi
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/dGorxBn.png wu_lai
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/RxkKWOc.png popololokoko
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/Kty1Ob.png Anmani
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/TnOQvSE.png jason2017
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/Fwecadu.png jason2017
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/EOrUqy3.png onne
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/Wvy8hBm.png kuso787y
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/Wt50dV0.png Jahneero
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/jWaiXut.png dionysos
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/V04a8Ei.png grom
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=09/rPcStHX.png Colossus
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=10/gshkIT.png svebor
http://en.travianreports.com/?img=10/iaoF7f4.png Big Dog

Thanks to Pappu and SBD for collecting all of these battle reports. By posting them on this site, they’ll be able to stay up after server 8 ends and the old forums are cleared to make way for the next one, and this is definitely something that should be remembered and kept so people can look back on it later. No matter who wins Server 8, the efforts of both sides on this battle will be remembered and respected. (And this will definitely be mentioned in the Hall of Champions Induction no matter who wins the game).

Here are two of the best armies used, though it’s tough to pick out just two from so many (but on the other hand, I can’t possibly post pictures of all of them, otherwise the endgame would be finished by the time I ended this post)

Cassini WW att1

Cassini WW att2

You also have to give a lot of credit to the players in SBD for the huge number of defenders they had at the World Wonder. Keeping all of those troops from starving must be a nightmare. If they weren’t as well organized and as dedicated as they are, all of these attacks wouldn’t have been necessary.

In the aftermath, some players said that ap.PTT used too many hammer armies in this effort. They may have been right, but considering that the game is still going, I would say that none of these armies were wasted.

 Here’s some player reaction from the battles:

Caliban (ap.PTT): That defense was awesome…. kinda why we decided anything less than a crippling blow would be unacceptable, since we probably wouldn’t be able to climb that wall again.

Still too many hammers than I would have wanted (I think planners took the known numbers and increased them by 125%…. lesson learned there, if you have fresh intel, use that, not some made up number), but the planners decided to err on the side of caution, since this was going to be a make or break operation.

Big Dog (ap.PTT): Ok here’s my flame free opinion. We did use too many armies on that WW (cassini). The reason is that our simulations didnt anticipate the wall crumbling so soon. But at the same time, those armies were sent with the anticipation of doing X amount of damage. The damage those hammers actually did was significantly greater than X. Yes we could have used fewer, but the hammers launched were what we anticipated losing anyway. If its a fail then it is through over caution in taking it down. Much better than a fail by sending too little at a WW where we only get one crack at it.

That really was an impressive defence though. I doff my virtual cap to those that put it together.

 Socaialv:  The previous server i played, our WW won with about 1.8 million crop of def.

And SBD had about 5 million or more? Respect the defence, respect the crop management and respect the effort of the members providing crop consistently.

While this was happening, ap.PTT also conquered the World Wonder that was held by CartesianCo from LEGO. CartesianCo had gone inactive and LEGO was no longer building it up, so it was easy for ap.PTT to take it.
But ap.PTT weren’t riding high for long. These series of attacks were quite impressive, but something almost equally newsworthy happened right after them, and that will be the topic of my next “old  news” post, when we take a look at how Ares entered the fray.

6 Responses

  1. Out of interest total casualties that day were about 13.5 million… the biggest spike I can remember seeing in a single day: http://i.imgur.com/GgY6U.jpg

  2. actually, quemels hammer was the biggest and not vengence’s.

  3. There also need to be a mention of the numerous average size PTT armies that hit SBD a few hours before the huge one mentioned above hit it. Based on the attack rating, it’s known that about 150K of defense troops were killed before the bigger ones hit SBD. Ofcourse not to mention the Natarian attacks as well.

  4. oh V3ngeance, i remember him, always on top of raiders list!

  5. CartesianCo (me) went inactive due to a broken laptop. ; /

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