S8.com Endgame Update

Here are the current standings on Server 8. This will certainly go down as one of the most eventful endgames in the history of Travian:

WW Standings Oct 21


It’s hard to believe that this is the same server where people were complaining about how boring the Endgame was. Even I thought LEGO had given up and was going to basically let ap.PTT take down the win. Boy was I wrong.

It’s funny to go back and read this post. Pippirop, one of the observers of the S8.com Endgame, was congratulating ap.PTT on winning the server on SEPTEMBER 19th! Here we are over a month later.

Remember when it was said that ap.PTT was planning on conquering all of LEGO’s wonders before they won the game? Well, obviously we’re a long way from there. ap.PTT isn’t U-EnD, and LEGO aren’t pushovers by any stretch of the imagination. (I should note that this was mostly a rumor, and not something ever directly stated from a ap.PTT leader on the forums to my knowledge. But still…)

I’ll keep posting the WW standings regularly, and I’ll be taking a closer look at how Server 8 got to where it was now.

Like I said in my previous post, this site will now have shorter updates and more of them. As a matter of fact, I’m working on one right now…


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