I’m back!

Hello. I’m happy to say that, starting today, I’m going to be doing my best to get this site back to normal, meaning regular updates, and lots of talk about Travian.

I’ve had to deal with some difficult situations and some overwhelming things in real life, and it just kept me from updating this site and the blog. I didn’t feel like writing and sometimes trying to force yourself to write is the worst thing you can do (because over the long run it just takes all the fun out of it). I don’t want to get into what the real life stuff was, but it affected everything that I did and it wasn’t just this website that I cut back on. I’ve stopped playing on S7.com altogether (still going on S9.com though), and I also stopped playing Imperion as well (fortunately taking time off in that game doesn’t negatively affect you nearly as much as Travian, but that’s a topic for another post).

I want to apologize to all my regular readers for the unexpected absence. I want to especially apologize to anyone who was expecting more coverage of the Server 8 endgame of Travian.com, or coverage of the Speed server and Server 6. And I also must apologize to the players of the PTT alliance on S8.com, because I promised to do an alliance profile and I never got around to it, and they took the time to answer all of my questions. I promise I’ll get to it eventually.

I’d also like to say thanks to everyone who has still been visiting my site while I’ve been away. I’m actually surprised how high the traffic was on this site has gotten over the past few weeks while I wasn’t updating it. I’m glad to see that people are finding it interesting to read my old blog posts and look at the Hall of Champions inductions that I’ve done so far. I’m glad people are finding this site’s Tips & Strategies section useful, even though it’s very incomplete at this point. And I’m just glad that people care enough about this site to check it often. Thanks.

I’ve had some time to think about this site and I’ve had a change in my philosophy about how best to run it, and I thought I’d share it with my readers. Previously, when it came this site’s blog, I have been following the idea that I should only do one or two new posts per day, because I didn’t want new posts to get buried down the page. But this led to problems, I spent a lot of time working on “big posts” that would sum up everything that happened in that day. Many of these posts were 1500 words or more. And if I didn’t have all the information I wanted, or if I was waiting for more information to come in, then I would hold off on posting until I had the information and the time to write about it. Oftentimes, these delays would add up and I would end up not finishing the post at all.

I think doing things this way was a mistake, and I think I’ve learned my lesson. In the future, I’m not going to shy away from doing more than one post per day or doing two posts on different topics right after each other. Anyone who comes to this site can easily scroll down and read everything I’ve wrote. I’m not going to wait for more information or battle reports or for someone to e-mail me if I have something I’m ready to post.  And I’m not going to try to cram everything into one big post anymore. 

Most other blogs I read follow this style of posting and I think I should too.

While I’m settling back into things, I’m going to be concentrating on the Travian.com servers and the Hall of Champions Inductions for them, and on working on improving the Tips & Strategies section. As for the regional servers (USA/UK/AUS), those are going to be on the backburner for a little bit. I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to cover them and to do Hall of Champions Inductions for the winners. The .Com servers are where the highest level of competition and overall skill is in Travian, and I think it’s only right that I focus my attention there.


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