Website Status Update

Things have been crazy lately and I haven’t been able to update the site. I feel unable to write right now. I will still do a Hall of Champions Induction for Server 8 when it ends, and I will do the same for any other .com servers that end in the near future. I’ll try to get the blog up and running again once I can. It might take a while. I have some unpleasent things I need to take care of.


11 Responses

  1. Hopefully all gets better! 🙂

  2. It will. I’ll be fine and I’m sure the site will be back to normal eventually. Thanks. 🙂

  3. Too bad. I hope things get better for you because I have enjoyed your updates on Server 8 and it has been a much better battle than most expected. Of course, those of us in SBD knew that this server would not be a dud….

    Come back soon.

  4. so no coverage on com1?

    Ah such a shame…

    • I’ll have coverage of S1 eventually, when the endgame rolls around. This site is not shutting down, it will eventually get back to normal, and I’m sure it will have done so in time for the endgame.

  5. Hope things better soon

    Loving the site, gives me something to read at work!

  6. ohh…hope all goes well for you.really enjoyed your updates. gave a much more rounded idea of the WW race and makes travian (a mere browser game) much much more interactive and interesting.

    too bad i actually hoped you can do some covers on comx. things are really fun and heating there. im in com5 and comx’s endgame is much more interesting with PFF vs PVP and SW-WW (they are not allied)

    thanks for all your time spent into making this site 😀

    • Thanks for the priase Ugly Idler, and I’ll definiely try to get to some speed server coverage soon. I agree that this site can make the game a lot more interesting, because now when an alliance wins the game, their achievement will be remembered.

  7. thanks for the excellent site, and wishing you well in your real life challenge! We will read more once you have more. May you be blessed.

  8. It’d be funny if you updated T&P flame wars too ^^

    • I sometimes link to flame wars when I make my posts, but I beyond that I try to keep them off the site. I figure most people don’t want to read them, so this way the people who do can without everyone else having to waste their time on it. 😉

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