Server Preview

I mentioned the Server 5 restart yesterday, and I wanted to respond to a reader question about it.

Someone who read my announcement of the restart asked:

I figured that if anyone would know this, it would be you…

Do you know who/what alliances are coming back to server 5? If possible, I would like to wiggle may way into them.


I think it’s a great idea to write about servers in advance of them starting. Consider this a mini “Server 5 Preview.” (I wanted to do one of these for and when they started up, but I didn’t have the time).

I have some info on who said they’d be back and who said they wouldn’t. People could have changed their minds of course.

Last server 5 was dominated by the U-EnD meta, which was mainly made from United Alliance in the southwest and Revelation in the Northeast. Revelation was led by Neo, whom many player credited with having amazing diplomatic and planning skills.

Neo apparently won’t be back, and I believe most of the Revelation leadership isn’t coming back either (though some of them might, as I haven’t heard of many of them moving on to other servers).

But United Alliance did say they would be coming back, so that makes them the native alliance with the best track record and probably the ones to look out for the most. I’m sure that if they do come back, they’ll fight hard to go all the way and to prove that they can win a server without Revelation’s (and Neo’s) leadership to guide them on their way and do it on their own. I’m not sure if they’re going to stay in the same quadrant, but in the last server they were in the Southwest. If they come back strong, they would be my pick for the early favourites.

The main opposition of U-EnD took a pretty hard loss, so those of them who do come back will be motivated to come back strong and pull off a win. Despite their hard loss to U-EnD, a lot of them sounded like they were very motivated to come back and play again. And, after losing to the best, you can be sure they’ve learned a lot.

The main opposing alliance that I’m sure the leaders said they were returning are the NW-Meta (which I assume would be based in the Northwest again) and Matrix. Both of them should enough good members to make a good impact. The were both united under the TWP banner at the end of the last server, but I’m not sure they’ll be united as part of the same team from the get-go.

Other alliances that opposed U-EnD as part of TWP include EG-Rebel, Tygers, and NATO (as well as some others). Last I heard EG-Rebel was a maybe, and I honestly I’m not sure about Tygers and NATO.

But besides these returning alliances, I’m sure a lot of new alliances will be powerful and will give all the returning alliances a run for their money, as thousands of players enter the new Server 5 looking for someone to fight.

For more information on the last Server 5, a good place to start is the Hall of Champions Induction for the winner. At the bottom of the induction is links to several other pieces of Endgame coverage, included Neo’s victory speech and the S5 pictures thread.

Also, if you look on this site’s right-hand collum and go to the “Posts by Category” widgit, you can click on, and you’ll be taken to all the blog posts that have Server 5 content in them, and you can read a lot of the history of the server there.


7 Responses

  1. RATAN doesn’t play on com servers, do they?

    • Not that I’m aware of, I don’t recall ever seeing them on one.

      • They have popped on once or twice from what I’ve seen, but their attempts on .com servers (just like famed uk alliance LEG) have failed miserably.

        Instead they stick to the easy .us servers

  2. You’ve been a little quiet lately… took a break?

    • This wasn’t a planned break, but there are some things I have to take care of right now. I’ll be back to normal eventually.

  3. Of course, now Beserk are moving over from com 4 😉


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