Short Announcements

Two quick announcements:

-The restart of server 5 at has been announced. Here’s the official announcement thread, there’s a lot of discussion in it and you can tell a lot of players are really excited about it.

Best quote:

LLL Excalibur: I feel proud to have com5 knowledge on history since i played in it.

Neo please stay away.

To view all of my coverage of the last Server 5, which had one of the most memorable endgames of all time, click here.

– I’ve added the winning entry from the Travian building tree contest to this site’s Strategy and Tips section. Click here to view it.

4 Responses

  1. I figured that if anyone would know this, it would be you…

    Do you know who/what alliances are coming back to server 5? If possible, I would like to wiggle may way into them.


  2. Some of the UA and ArM might come back and will stay only until U-End migrate completely to a new server.

    s5 wont be bothered by those for too long, I guess.

  3. We have not made up our mind yet but as far as I know, there isnt any UA in our new core.

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