S8.com Endgame: The Breaking Point

The Travian forums are back up, and just in time too, because players on Server 8 have a lot to discuss.

The non-aggression pact between ap.PTT and Silent But Deadly has been broken. Both sides plan the other for breaking the peace deal. ap.PTT says that they cancelled it due to attacks by Silent But Deadly members. Silent But Deadly says those attacks were rogue player who acted without orders, and that their leaders were honouring the peace deal. None of those players were tossed out of their wings, so it looks like Silent But Deadly is going to stick with them and fight it out to the finish.

And it should be quite an exciting finish. What makes this situation especially dramatic is that the top world wonders are very close to winning the game. It’s like we’re in the 4th quarter here with only minutes left on the clock, but in Travian those minutes take days (I’m used to it by now).

For more discussion about the break in the non-aggression pact, visit this thread on the S8.com forums. Here are some of the best quotes from it:

Xplus (Apeiron player): I guess there’s no coming back, now..

The SBD hits on the ap.PTT WWs (arguably don’t represent all groups of the SBD), was the reason for dropping the NAPs.

Apeiron had/have friendly relations with – and sin. And those 3 alliances have always supported each other. Skulls_dev,  a “-” member who has my upmost respect – fought on Apeiron’s side and supported Apeiron’s WWs, as well.
I’m not sure how friendly is PTT with the NE, but hype used to be a PTT wing. And I remember one PTT member pointing out that they supported Kirsa with reinforcements and resources.

Maybe what many people don’t realize is that the picture is different now.
Apeiron aligned themselves with the SE’s PTT for the endgame. Sin and – along with hype have decided to align themselves with ex-ares(and LEGO in that sense) wings (i.e. SRG and Order) to join the WW race. That makes a whole lot of difference. Because, anything that come out of one side, means that side – as a whole – is accountable for it.

Now that things are different, what happened gives both sides (i.e apeiron and sin/-) no choice but to be to be in the aggressive competitors position.

Havic33 (PTT player): As far as I am concerned, this ending is inevitable. We are all chasing the same goal, but only one side can win. That’s why we play this game.

Honestly, I actually like the fact we are going down this path. Win or lose, it certainly beats a boring, non-descriptive ending.

May the best team win.

Arlos (SBD player): I think everyone knows that any attacks made were an excuse for breaking the NAP, not the cause. Call me a cynic, but I am WELL aware that there is no way in hell you guys would sit back and just watch us win if, say, LEGO slowed you down enough for us to roar past you. Was never going to happen in a million years.

You were going to break it regardless of anything that did or did not happen. You know it, I know it, and everyone else knows it too.

Brooke (SBD): I’m at a loss why Apeiron feels the need to attack us…. but i also think its funny when people say the NE is on side of LEGO, when we aren’t, and also that we choose to be separate from ptt/ape, but really, when they merged their wonders into one ally, and i dont belive offered us to merge also, that pretty much shows that they wanted to exclude us.. otherwise, why would they merge like that?

and as far as the rogue attacks, its unfortunate, and i understand ptt must hit back. I still dont understand what justification Apeiron has, as we have worked with them all server, as friends… probably for longer then they worked with ptt for, and we have never done anything to harm them, but hey so goes life I guess.

Serbozilla: With or without rogue attacks, it was just question of time when áp.PTT™ and SDB will start attack each other.

Here are the current standings:

WW standings Sep 26

Fred Garvin’s World Wonder was hit hard by LEGO, and in a massive attack they took out two great warehouses and possibly more. Despite their earlier difficulties in the endgame, LEGO did an excellent job of keeping some of their Hammer armies in waiting until they could do the maximum amount of damage. LEGO has not released the battle report of the attakcs yet but I’ll try to get a copy of it.

For more insight onto the damage that LEGO has done, here’s a quote from Pipirop, who has also been playing close attention to this endgame and posting about it on the S8.com forums.

LEGO might be beaten but they can still bite so they launched a series of attacks that upset the balance. First they hit indoing’s WW village taking down 2 GW and 5 lvls of the WW, then AFS hit Garvin’s WW taking out 2 GW as well. In the mean time a genius operation took place against Musi. Abmurac from LEGO stole the plans of Musi two days ago which are now in the possession of Tyroff. LEGO has now 3 plans and ap.PTT are short of one plan. Musi got the KoD plan to continue building.
Following these events it is obvious that the server has become more interesting and now we will have to wait longer for the final victor to emerge. The key will be how much damage the SBD WW will take in the next 2-3 days and how much damage the SBD can deliver to the ap.PTT WWs.

With Fred Garvin’s World Wonder having lost two of its Great Warehouses, it can no longer be considered the leading World Wonder. As you can see from the standings, the next World Wonder in line is Cassini, the one and only World Wonder held by SBD. Because they only have one World Wonder, you can be sure that the defense there is overwhelming. An army will surely have to be nothing short of gigantic in order to inflict substantial damage to it. The question is how many of those armies does ap.PTT have, and how long will they wait before putting them into action.

Fake attacks from Apeiron and PTT and lighting up the Northeast, and there are probably some real ones in there as well to help weaken their support.

LEGO has effectively taken out two of ap.PTT’s World Wonders, unless the game drags on really long and there’s enough time for them to rebuild. King Of Defense might get another plan transferred to him, but he can’t gain levels for the time being. This is the second time he’s given up his plan, and maybe it’s just been decided that it’s too hard for him to hold onto it. With 3 plans LEGO might be able to get back in this race, especially with SBD and ap.PTT focus all their attention on each other.

Most significantly, LEGO has ensured that ap.PTT has to fight SBD in order to win, and now SBD must fight back. ap.PTT’s leaders might have thought they could win with SBD honouring the non-aggression pact all the way to the end. But with Silent But Deadly’s World Wonder in the lead – thanks to LEGO attacking Fred Garvin –  ap.PTT must now for the first time in this endgame take their attention off LEGO and take on the biggest alliances in the game (the top 3 alliances – Hype, Sin, and SRG-1, are all SBD). They’ll have to defend their World Wonders agains the #1 ranked attackers (Hype). They’ll have to face down what are reputed to be the largest hammers in all of server 8.

It’s time to see what PTT is really made of.

And according to LEGO, this was only phase one:

3atpax:As you can see attacks have begun on ape.ptt WW. Lego is still at the bottom of the ranks, but the damage done to the top players WW will take them 4 to 6 days to repair and be able to build a lvl 100 WW. Soon Phase II will begin.


More to come, enjoy the show.


4 Responses

  1. Seems SBD got hit really hard… any normal village should have been zero popped by that attack, full credit for surviving (WW down to level 59 at the moment). Likely they’re out of the race, but LEGO may make a come back if SBD punish the PTT/Ape WWs… should get interesting now!

  2. Awesome report/analysis dude.
    I look forward to an update.

  3. Awesome report. Have you gone on leave? we all miss an update of the recent and exciting events on s8.

    • I’m sorry I haven’t been able to update the site lately. I miss doing the reports too, but some stuff has come up that I have to deal with. I plan on getting the site back to normal as soon as I can, but it might take a few weeks for it to happen.

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