Dang It

It’s just my luck that after I write one of my best endgame analysis write-ups that this would happen:

Forum Maintenance

I think it’s been around 12 hours so far that they’ve been down. But according to the message from the admin on the home page, Travian.com forums could be without forums for quite a while:

Dear players!

Due to some server problems the forum is not reachable at the moment. We are working on the problems but as the problems are really serious it may take up to a week until they are solved.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Uh-oh. Up to a week? That’s a long time for an unannounced outage. I invite players who want comment on the S8.com endgame or other anything else they’d usually talk about on the forums to leave a comment after the appropriate post on my blog.
I should also mention that my blog frequently links to the Travian.com forum, especially when I’m doing endgame coverage. Obviously, none of those links will work while the forums are down. I’ll leave the links as they are and hopefully when the forums come back the links will resume working again.

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