Getting Creative on the US and UK Travian Forums

One of the major differences between the international servers ( and the regional Travian servers (US, UK, and AUS), is that the forums for the regional ones are much more laid back and friendly, and also don’t have nearly as many flame wars. It might have something to do with the games on those servers not being as competitive as the international games, but I think another reason is that the forums have a greater sense of community and camaraderie.

I’ve written before about some of the wacky and fun events that have taken place on the UK forums, like the Travian prom. Just a couple of days ago they celebrated “Talk Like A Pirate Day” (which, by the way, is an actual parody holiday that takes place every year. Click here to view the official website.)

Besides talking like pirates on the forum that day, and giving  the UK forums also had a Pirate vs. Ninja battle. Here’s the post explaining what the day was all about.

Oh, and the ninjas won, but it was close.

Here’s some of the custom artwork they had on the forums during the event. They really went all out:

There were also some awesome custom userbars made for the event as well.

They’ll doing this again on December 5th, which is the international day of the Ninja! (Who knew?)

Another interesting fun event taking place on both the UK and the US forums is an art competition, where the two forums are competing to see which one can make a better artistic signature (Here’s the US and UK announcements of the competition).

For more information about the creative competitions taking place on the UK forums every week, here’s a complete listing. I might post some interesting entries up on this site in the future.

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