Travian Twitter Posts

I collected some useful Travian-related tweets, as I regularly do, and this is probably the most interesting batch yet!


I want to talk about all of these tweets and link to the sites, because there’s a lot of good info out there for Travian players on them. There are hundreds of twitter posts related to Travian every week, and it’s an interesting insight into the game that you don’t usually see if you just read the Travian forums.

Npccaluculator, aka Andrew from Sweden, has made a website that is a calculator for using Travian’s NPC merchant. You can enter in the total amount of resources you have, and the building(s) that you want to build, and it will tell you how to allocate your resources in the NPC merchant.

Tips4 Travian is a blog that updates pretty frequently, and it’s run by a fellow Canadian, so it’s long overdue that I give it a shout-out on this site. In this article on his Blog, Daniel (the blog’s operator) talks about 3 of the most common ways people cheat in Travian, and why doing any of these is a bad idea. (the most obvious reason is because it’s easy to get caught and have your account banned. Read the whole article here: And remember, if you know anyone who is doing any of these things, report them to a Multihunter right away. Cheating in Travian should never be tolerated, even if it’s someone within your own alliance.

1Marc doesn’t have a website that’s related to Travian (though he does have a personal website at, but I thought I’d highlight his post because I really agree with it. Travian started as a simple game just over 5 years ago to go on to become incredibly popular, not to mention financially succesful. Sometimes you just have to stop and say “wow”.

The last two tweets are from BGplanet, a message board forum that I’ve mentioned before, the website is Their twitter feed is really good because it keeps you updated on all sorts of things that are going on in the browser game world. People from that site have started their own guild in Imperion, which is a strategy game in outer space made by the same company that made Travian. If you’re interested in checking it out and possibly joining the guild, join server 1 at Did I mention that I’m a member?


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  1. Hey! Thanks for the mention!

  2. […] who gives a different perspective on Travian and playing the game. I just got a track back from his Twitter post which got me thinking: There sure aren’t a lot of Travian bloggers out there. In fact I think […]

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