Server 8 Update (Updated Below)

It’s been a few days since I’ve done an update on the Server 8 Endgame. Here are the current standings:

WW standings Sep 12

There have been some changes since my last post. PTT still has the top world wonders and Fred Garvin is still in the lead. Bellhouse has been the big mover from the LEGO side. Overall the World Wonders have been building levels quickly, so it looks like not very many big armies have been used against them yet.

And the biggest change of all is that the PTT and Apeiron World Wonders have merged together into one alliance. áp.PTT™ is the name of their merged alliance. The two of them are now one united force.

This merger give PTT and Apeiron a seemingly overwhelming advantage, and it’s a huge morale blow to the other side. They were already confeds, but before this there was a glimmer of hope that they wouldn’t stay together until the end, and that only one of them would take home the title of server winners.

The Non-aggression pact between PTT/Apeiron and the Northeast Quadrant alliance that make up Silent But Deadly is still holding, so for the time being only LEGO is mounting any opposition to them.

There should still be a good number of Endgame hammers out there, but it’s starting to look like there won’t be enough to overcome the lead that PTT/Apeiron already has, especially if the NE stays out of the fighting like they have so far. In retrospect, I wonder if some of those hammer armies should have been launched earlier, to make this merger seem like less of a good idea. but that might have set off a powder keg that LEGO wanted to avoid.

LEGO is still doing a decent job of building up its World Wonders with only 2 sets of plans, at least you can says that much for them. I would speculate that LEGO, as well as the other alliances, are waiting until they find what they feel is the right moment to strike, and that’s why we haven’t seen to many large armies in action yet.

I’m somewhat surprised that LEGO hasn’t tried to make a deal for one of the excess plans held by Silent But Deadly. One of the players in Silent But Deadly told me more about how they were able to grab a third plan:

Silent But Deadly Player: Kirsa organised the taking of the World Wonder construction plans, with Sin using 1 hammer for 1 plan, and Hype 3 hammers for 2 plans. With 3 plans for 1 World Wonder, the North East would have a nice bargaining chip in hand, though it’s usefulness is slightly diminished by the under achievements by Lego, and PTT getting their 5 required plans. Two plans were in Silent But Deadly territory, and the 3rd in an area filled with PTT-NE etc. The latter was the toughest to take, and the one we took without any agreement with PTT. We had someone almost constantly online since the appearance of the plans, due to the 12 hour catapult traveltime. In the end, only axes and TKs were send, and someone else [to this day I have no clue who] catapulted the treasury. Although I do not know the gap between clearing and the treasury destruction, there were at least 8 hours between our clearing and our taking the plan…

(That’s one of the more interesting World Wonder plans stories I’ve heard, so I thought I’d share it here)

But while LEGO and SBD have these small victories to celebrate, PTT and Apeiron clearly have the ball in their hands right now. Recently they carried out some attacks and did some big damage to one of LEGO’s World Wonders. There were 4 waves of attacks that did damage, two sent from PTT and two from Apeiron, showing some impressive coordination and how the two alliances are working together as one. You can view all of them here, I’ll post the biggest two:

This attack is from Heinz, one of the leaders of Apeiron and a frequent poster on the forums. As you can see, he wrote a thank-you note to his members in the battle report screen:

Tyroff WW att1

And this next attack was the last one to hit the World Wonder of the four, and it shows the amount of defense stationed there (Keep in mind this is after 3 other waves of attacks and presumably a Natar hit as well).

Tyroff att2

(If it’s too small to read try zooming in or click here to see the original battle report)

One high-ranking player from Apeiron tried to break off and tried to start his own alliance, to try and shake things up in this Endgame, but no one else took him up on it so he rejoined the fold. Apeiron and PTT seem to be a very tight unit. They have a good player retention rate and seem totally united as they enter the home stretch with a lot of momentum.

Stay tuned for more coverage, and for a closer look at the Pan Travian Tyrants!

UPDATE: I made some corrections since I first posted this. The original post indicated that Apeiron attacks Tyroff’s World wonder by themselves, and left out that PTT was involved just as much as Apeiron was. Also, the part about SBD getting 3 plans has been rewritten to be more clear.


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