A Small Strategy Guides Update

I’ve added links for two more strategy guides intended for beginning players to the Strategy Guides & Tips page.

The first one is the Contacting Crewmembers Guide. Many new players aren’t sure how to contact in game support or a multi-hunter, and this guide does an excellent job of explaining it clearly. It also explains what the crew members do. A very handy resource!

The other one is the Heroes Guide. It explains all about the Hero unit and how it works.

Both of these guides are ideal for new players, but even regular players might not be totally sure about how to contact crewmembers and what each type of crewmember does, so hopefully this guide will be helpful to them if they ever need to.

I’ve gotten several players who have contacted me offering to write guides or help me in some other way. I want to thank all of you who have offered to help, and I promise I’ll get in touch with each of you in the near future. And if anyone else wants to contact me about writing a strategy guide for this site, once again my e-mail is 1randomgeek@gmail.com.


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