The Strategies and Tips section is getting a much-needed upgrade

One of the first additions I made to the website, beyond its original scope of just being the Travian Hall of Fame and my Travian Blog, was to add a Strategies and Tips section. But since I’ve never had enough time to write the strategy articles and the tips that I wanted to add to the section, it’s been awfully neglected. Out of anything related to this site, it’s probably been my one and only disappointment (otherwise I think everything related to this site is going very well).

Today, I’ve taken the first step to righting the wrong. Before I explain how the tip section has been upgraded, let me start by explaining why it was so poor. My original dream for the strategy and tips section was to have it be 100% original content that was exclusive to this site. I wanted to have unique articles that couldn’t be found anywhere else. In my head, that sounded like a really cool idea that would set my website apart.

But in retrospect, it’s not a good idea at all. First of all, there’s no reason why a good strategy article should be unique to my site. If the author wants to put it on the .com or .us forums, or another website or anywhere else, then they should be free to. C0unsel wrote a great strategy article for my site (which for a long time was my only article in the section), and someone else asked him if they could use it for their site and C0unsel said yes. There’s no reason I shouldn’t expect something like that to happen and there’s nothing I can do about, so why fight it? And likewise, if a good article is already up on Travian forums, I might as well have it up on the site, or at least link to it. Another problem with my “all unique content” idea is that it’s way too much work, and the time I’m spending on that is less time that I can use to write about other things and keep my Blog updated – and believe me, there’s a lot to write about when it comes to Travian. And while I still want to write some strategy articles of my own, it’s just quicker to use what’s already out there, and I’m a very busy person.

But I still want a strategy and tips section that stands out, one that people will find really helpful and that will be useful to all my site’s visitors. That’s why I’m making sure my guides are really well organized, and that only the best strategy articles get linked to here. Before anything gets linked to or published on my site, I’m going to give it a thorough read-over. and I won’t be afraid to ask the original author if I can edit what they wrote to make it better if I fell I can (I’ll still give the original author full credit and all the acknowledgement for writing it, of course).

I’m also going to organize my guides so that players of all skill levels can find the right article for them. The guides on my site will be indicate what level of player they’re intended for – Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. That way people won’t waste their time on articles that are too advanced or too basic for them. A lot of time on the Travian forums, I see beginning players ask a question, like “how can I protect myself from raiders” or “where should I build my capital”, and get answers that are intended for expert-level players who use Gold and have accounts that are active 24/7. While the intent to help is there, it’s not good to so far over their heads and what they can realistically do.

Because I run a site records the winners of each Server, I come into contact with many of Travian’s top players. I will try to get more of the game’s top minds to write strategy articles of their own. Not all great players are great writers, but all of them have valuable information to share.

I also think that having a point-form tips section will be a great help to many players looking for quick advice and simple ways to improve their game. I will try to work regularly on those tip guides to get them up on the site.

I’ll also be going through the Travian forums – not just the .com ones, but also the USA, UK, and Australian ones, to find the best of the strategy guides they have up there so I can get them added to the site soon.

You can view the Strategies and Tips section here. It’s still a work in progress, but I think that in a week’s time it won’t be this website’s red-headed stepchild anymore (no offense to any real redheads).

I’ve decided to start at the very beginning, by adding the Official Rules of Travian to the Strategies section. For beginning, intermediate, and even expert players, this is something you should definitely be familiar with if you aren’t already. Understanding these rules are an important step to becoming a better player.

I’ve also linked to the Rules FAQ from the forums. This contains answers to how the rules are interpreted. A very handy thing for all players to read! If you have questions about the rules yourself, you can ask them in this thread.

Whenever I add new strategy articles or update the tips, I will be sure to post about it on the site’s main page.

If anyone would like to help me out by writing a strategy article for this site or sending in some tips, contact me at Even if you’re an intermediate-level player, you’re welcome to write a strategy guide for beginning players or other intermediate players.


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  1. I will most definitely write at least one guide for the forums and your website… I was thinking of doing one on how to properly use the forums and other out-of-game clients to your advantage, along with a simple guide, such as how to use duals or something. Is there anything you want me to cover, or think I would be particularly good at covering?

    Keep up the good work!

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