S8.com Endgame Update

I’m happy that my busy week is behind me and I’m able to start updating this site regularly again. This blogwill once again be updated on a daily basis, so check back to the site often, I’ve got quite a lot to write about (My problem with this site is never that I don’t have something to write about, it’s finding the time to do it ).

When I last updated the site, the World Wonders had all been conquered and the players were waiting for the construction plans to be released (See here and here for my previous S8.com coverage).

Since then, the construction plans were released. I wasn’t around to write about it when it happened, but luckily another observer was, so I’ll quote his post from the S8.com forums:

Pipirop: Last week was quite full of thrill and activity! The situation seems to change quite often and alliances are organising their defences and offensive operations!

Highlights of the past week!

We saw two attacks on WW villages hold from LEGO and originating from Apeiron. Both attacks did damage on the villages resulting in the loss of buildings and precious time. It’s too early to speculate if the attacks were successful as two mid sized hammers have been lost from Apeiron. For the record the attackers were Obor and Juda Priest from Apeiron, and the WW holders that got the hammers landing were Reflex and Arnold. Details from the reports have been posted from Sarevok (kudos there, keep these coming).

On the other hand, LEGO organised a very succesfull operation against the villages of King of Defence (WW holder for PTT) resulting in the complete loss of 9 villages in total and severe pop losses in another 9 villages. That’s one WW holder who will have some trouble to obtain plans for sure! (Randomgeek: I think he meant to say “keeping plans”, not “obtaining plans”)

Finally, the war on support villages is keep going with pretty much all support villages around several WW villages experiencing pop losses. Still the bitter battleground is around Tyroff’s (from LEGO) WW village, in where now DOG appears to be coming to the rescue of LEGO but the outcome is undecided.

Natar plans were released just yesterday and the first alliance to get one is SBD within less than 2 hrs for the release! The player who first conquered a plan is TomoeGozen (good job there). So far the count of plans is:

PTT: 4 plans (with the 5th within grasp)
SBD-Hype-Sin : 3 plans
Apeiron: 3 plans
LEGO: 2 plans

And there are still 1 plan up for grabbing but PTT will easily get this! It appears that SBD has been quite successful in this operation, Apeiron performed very well, PTTwas slow in the beginning but picked up momentum, but LEGO has had a terrible tally! Essentially they are left with only two plans…

LEGO getting only two sets of plans is a huge setback for them, and makes their struggle to win the game even more of an uphill climb than it already was. Remember that Apeiron and PTT are allied, and both of them also have a non-aggression pact with the alliances of Silent But Deadly. So the only targets right now for their massive game-ending armies are LEGO.

Here are the current World Wonder standings:

WW standings Sep 7

LEGO is far behind, and PTT is solidly in the lead. It should be noted that for those leading World Wonders to be at such a high level in so little time, they can’t have all the necessary storage space yet, so they might not be as far ahead as they seem. Still, PTT is clearly leading this race right now. But there’s still a lot of time left in the endgame, so a lot can still happen and probably will.

All of LEGO’s World Wonders have gained a few levels, so they must have moved their plans around a little for that to have happened. The LEGO World Wonders that are currently building levels are CartesianCo and Tyroff, judging by the fact that they have the red swords of incoming Natar attacks and the other LEGO World Wonders (Arnold and Bellhouse) don’t.

It’s plausible that LEGO can keep playing the endgame with only two sets of plans. When one of their wonders isn’t holding plans, they can build infrastructure and walls, and then they can switch the plans over when it’s time to build World Wonder levels. But the gap between them and PTT might be too big to overcome. Apeiron seems to be far behind, but they may be concentrating on storage rather than building levels at this point.

SBD seems to be doing relatively well. As far as I know they haven’t been hit at all yet.

Since it has been a while since this blog was updated, it might be worthwhile to compare today’s standings with ones from a few days ago:

WW standings Sep 5

You can see that the PTT and SBD World Wonders have been growing extremely fast.

Pipirop mentioned LEGO’s attacks on King of Defense. They’ve managed to do quite a good job of taking out his cities. They might be looking at him as a target for stealing more plans, or they might just be trying to make it so he can’t hold any plans so he can’t build World Wonder levels. He’s had 14 villages destroyed in the past week, but he’s managed to conquer 4 more during that time. Click here to view the recent activity on his account.

A few LEGO players have posted in the S8.com forums calling this server a 3-on-1 battle. Click hereto see the thread in its entirety, but here are the highlights. (I’m not taking a side in this, just re-posting what others have said. Readers can make up their own minds about who is right. Also I’ve tried to remove as much flame-baiting as I can, read the thread if you want to see the insults flying).

WBF (LEGO):Question for Apeiron:  If PTT builds the first WW to 100, will you feel like you won?

Really this is a loaded question, since any self-respecting player, knows there is only one answer.

NZAF (Apeiron): I don’t usually participate much in forums but there is a lot of horse manure flying around lately so I will pick up the glove and answer on my behalf as an apeiron player.

If PTT wins the race I will feel I have won with it cause they are allies and good players.

If SBD wins the race I will feel happy for them, for they have shown excellent skills and they are the underdogs.

If LEGO wins the race I would be pissed off cause I would have lost, but I will salute them for an excellent game

If Apeiron wins the game I will be very happy and I am sure so will be PTT as we are part of the very same group!

Does that answer your question?

Goldteeth0:LEGO and Apeironwill feel like they have both won if PTT get the level 100 WW.
LEGO will see it as a win because of the mantra “anything but Apeiron”, Apeironwill see it as a win because they are allied to them. Goes both ways.

Apeiron has launched some big attacks in their effort to keep LEGO from winning, as their bitter rivalry enters its final stage. Here’s a battle report from one of their best hits:

Arnold WW att1

LEGO and Apeiron are both bent on the other’s destruction, and it looks like PTT might be the one that benefits from this dance of death between the two of them. As a player posted on another S8.com thread:

Visage:If there are no upsets or diplomatic u-turns the top two contenders for win would be PTT & SBD..

APE & LEGO withbe fighting each other with all the top guns thrown at each other. Now a situation may arise where either PTT or SBD have to take onus on themselves to win the server (especially SBD as they are behind PTT in ww race)

PTT are far ahead in the ww race –
so (SBD) will have to arrange some strikes on PTT if they have any chance of wining the server. But this move could be risky as they themselves have only 1 ww.
(BTW It will be fun to (see) the response of (Apeiron players)  if this happens)

PTT take the risk & strike the only competition left i.e SBD.

No one does anything & PTT win’s the race for WW.

These situations are just hypothetical ….

P.S. Only time can tell the true fate

Again, I removed all the flame baiting, click the thread if you want to see it. I posted in the thread myself, but it’s worth repeating here: From what I can tell, both PTT and SBD want to win. So it’s valid to speculate as to whether or not one will eventually have to strike the other. Remember that they only have a non-aggression pact, they are not allies or part of the same team.

Of course, it’s entirely possible the NAP may hold to the end, as situation 3 speculates.

To close this mammoth update on a lighter note, a player from a smaller alliance (Shinobi1, ranked 80th overall), posted his “alternate ending” for S8 on the forums. It’s an entertaining read.

Haac: At the end of times mankind realized that the enemy was inside themselves, it was not the natars or the inevitable end of times.
It was the never ending hunger for power.
Once they realized this fact a group decided to stand together, they joined forces and named themselves TWS “Together We Stand”. The alliance born on the far northwestern lands of travian8 with goals of growing strong and fighting against the injustice.

They came aware that real power does not come from growing armies, it come from joining together for a cause, and that the ultimate cause should be the common wealth.

They decided to join forces with other alliances and took the name of Shinobi 1 with out ever forgetting its roots (TWS).

Times were gently and they started to grow…
Until the day came to face the enemy again…

This are our days when time has come to stand together for what its right, to join forces with our allies and march to war. The enemy is the “Hunger for power” and its latter incarnation mwayne88 of SE.SA3.

It’s a well-written ending, if nothing else. Haac describes himself as his alliance’s Bard. I think more alliances should have their own Bards in this game, don’t you?  

 That wraps up today’s update, it was a long one but I feel like I’m caught up now. I’ll update again in a few days or sooner if something big happens, and I’m also working on a post that takes a closer look at PTT, the Pan-Travian Tyrants.


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  1. u tink 1 million resources and 500k crop storage is nuff? yes so..then ptt ok. tank u.


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