Travian Champions interviews Neo


I recently conducted an e-mail interview with Neo, the leader of the winning alliance from 08-09. This interview took place just before the game ended, with his side taking a massively one-sided victory.

Randomgeek: Let’s start off this interview by talking about your alliance, U-EnD. What are the different groups that make up your alliance, and how did it come together?
Neo: U-EnD (United End of Days) is mainly composed of Revelation (NE and SE presence) and U.A (SW presence). U.A (United Alliance) are our sole allies this server and they are a 5 wing alliance who came to power around month 4-5. Revelation is the alliance I lead and we’re made up a few alliances.

ReV (Revelation): NE/SE border alliance
RaG (Ragnarok): NW/NE border alliance
AsC (Ascension): Central NE alliance
ArM (Armageddon): SE based alliance, who’s sole purpose was to disrupt the SE quadrant so no rival power would arise
(ReV) (Neo’s Finest): Honestly, was an “academy” for those players who didn’t communicate often and even for players who our council has suspicions about.
TYRANNUS: Initially an ally in the SE for ArM but eventually their leader and council essentially merged with mine. I decided that they should keep their original name so we wouldn’t reveal all our cards. “Merger” occurred around month 6 and it was amusing to hear all the talk about how Revelation would backstab TYRANNUS at some point or another during the endgame.

ReM-TVN (Team Vietnam): JayDee’s personal alliance composed of his Vietnamese friends from other servers. They covered the northern part of the NE/NW border and provided a buffer for RaG for many months. The NW usually had to pick fights against either RaG or TVN, not knowing they were both aligned


Randomgeek: Going back through the beginning of this round on 5 to where we are now, what alliances were your major opponents throughout the game, and how did you overcome the challenges they presented you?


Early server: RONIN 47 (NW), VAMPS (NW), Judges (NW), ROSE (SE), [CHT] (SE), SA (SW)

RONIN and ROSE were returning alliances from the last round of s5. They were a part of the winning meta along with CWL/RUS. Without digressing too much, let’s just say my council and I learned from our mistakes last round and planned thoroughly for s5, round 3. RONIN 47 was lead by SaMMaaL and J77even. Even though I approached the server with a clean slate, there were obvious grudges on both sides. The leaders of RONIN and ROSE loathed us still and likewise within my own council. But to set things straight now, had RONIN and/or ROSE been interested in diplomacy and possibly working together, it would’ve been in the realm of possibility. Despite the feelings in my council, my decisions are always based on what’s best for our alliance, not petty grudges. However, the NW and SE made their decision for us and we marked them both as our enemies from month 1 of the server. Revelation (ReV and RaG especially) started to pressure the NW early on, on the pretense of “15c disputes”.

In the SE, ArM was the sole presence to combat the growing power of ROSE and [CHT]. Frankly, I found it unacceptable to allow 2 border quadrants to rise up and possibly join arms to fight the NE. I made ArM with the backing of ReV and RaG that they would also be under my direct command and share in the success of the NE. [CHT] was the more aggressive alliance during the early stages and we managed to suffer heavy losses on both sides (ArM and [CHT])

Midserver: HaTe (NW), WDB (SE), IB (SW), BAB10 (NE)

Around month 5, VAMPS merged in with RONIN but things continue to progress poorly for the NW due to my spies and lack of leadership in the NW alliances. SaMMaaL and AtsaL attempted to salvage the NW by merging RONIN/VAMPS/Judges into HaTe and at this point, it was full blown inter-quadrant wars.

In the SE, WDB (We Drink Beer) was a merger of ROSE, [CHT], and Watcher. Like the NW, the growing strength of the NE caused fear in the other quadrants. So now we have a 5 wing alliance in the NW, HaTe. But and even bigger monstrosity in the SE, WDB had over 11 wings. However, Travian isn’t purely a number game, but also a strategic one. While WDB was attempting to get itself coordinated, I was already planning a large strike on their major players. JayDee lead the charge (using RaG, AsC and ReV) against the NW players while I set up attacks against the SE players (ArM, TYRANNUS, ReV).

IB was an SW alliance started by my friend, Zileas. While initially, I helped IB set up and arrange the majority of their attack teams, there was a rise in dissenting voices about continuing to work on Revelation’s goals. IB had been a major contributing factor to the fall of ROSE but at this point in the server, they were getting bored and wanted to fight U.A.


Randomgeek: You’ve played on several Travian servers, who in U-EnD have you played with before on previous servers?

Neo: Returning players for Revelation are:

Addict, asiankid3, Athanaric, bjorngi, BobRO, Brand, Ciryan, cofetarii, cowgill, damsir, Death and taxes, Donk, Drakkon, Dworkin, E-RoC, easytarget, ender, fellgernon, Fleas, flo, Furious George, Haploid, Homie, JavaTM, kinikiki, Kirk, Kjie, kr neki, kurva, lysander, nam1220, Nariya, Nera, New-Caprica, Slo Motion, powder, psyko, Rayda, reddog82, rewt, Segelboot, Septic, Shamil, Stance, sUP_yO, The Necromancer, The_Playa, toto, Yitz

These players were considered my Inner Circle.


Randomgeek: How would you compare this server to previous ones that you’ve played on?

 Neo: This server was the most dominating server I’ve played and possibly I’ve seen on any .com server. (The only other one that comes to mind is) PFtF’s win on com7, round 2, which was pretty impressive.


Randomgeek: A lot of people talk about the diplomacy that you performed in order to make this winning team, though some see it as a reason to condemn you while others see it as a reason to praise you. Tell us about your diplomatic style and how big of a role diplomacy played in getting your alliance where it is.

 Neo: Without revealing too much about my diplomatic style, let’s just say there is an appropriate time and place for everything. From one of your earlier questions, you can see that we’ve always been at war and have enemies in every quadrant. Always outnumbered but never outgunned. We knew when and how to dismantle multiple targets at the same time.


Randomgeek: When you win this server, would you classify it as a “diplomatic victory”, or at least the closest thing to it possible in Travian?

Neo: “Diplomatic victory” is just libel. Did Revelation and U.A ally our way to victory? Of course not. In fact, we’re one of the smallest winning metas ever on a .com server. Diplomacy played a role, yes. But to dismiss our victory as a purely diplomacy angle is just half the story.


Randomgeek: You have an incredibly low attack rating for someone who is leading an alliance of this size – only 47 kills! How is that even possible for someone of your size and skill level?

Neo: 47 kills were just animals. I’ve never raided anyone all server long.

To put things into perspective, last Server 5, I started the server alone. To build an alliance from the ground up takes an immense number of time, especially when the alliances you’re fighting are premade. Despite that, I made a top 5 Teuton account and built my alliance (Semper Paratus) off of my personal ranking. However, around month 5-6, it became too much. I couldn’t find a co-player and I had to decide whether I wanted to further my own account or continue to lead the alliance. It was simply not possible to do both as raiding and conquering was just too much to do. As expected, I dropped my own account in favor of continuing to lead Semper.

On this current S5, I started out with a core of 50 or so players from the get go. I emphasized on staggered registration/activation of accounts, placement of spies, as well as sitting for players that needed it. I initially used my account as just a communicating one. Built some fields and used it mainly for IGMs. It was rather amusing to see all the in game messages to FiZiX and Whisky Warrior asking them why some 300 pop, 1 village player was leading Revelation.

Eventually, I made my account into a defensive Roman account focused purely on building level 20 Praetorians from Level 20 Barracks.


Randomgeek: What is your opinion on the surprises that have happened during this Endgame? The NW-Meta allying with the other alliances, NATO, Hidden Leader, etc.

Neo: No real opinions of Norsal (the Hidden Leader of the NW-Meta) or any other player or events during endgame. It went more or less as I planned.

JayDee and I had a good laugh on Skype when MDDragon got one of the NW WW plans about 2 days after we “suggested” on the public forums that it would be a good idea and the reasoning why.


Randomgeek: Have there been any cracks in your alliance that you’ve had to deal with?

Neo: Inactivity has been the biggest issue for my alliances in all 3 full servers I’ve played. I think it’s mostly because too many of my players are simply too competitive and just race each other for more or less trivial things (thinking about the Robber Medal for the most part here). I’m almost positive that 99% of the rank 1 Robber Medals belong to Revelation, with a few weeks going to karkad and DreadJesus.

While spying seemed to be the downfall of other alliances, I think I did a good job catching and compartmentalizing intel so our enemies couldn’t gather much


Randomgeek: How hard is it for your team to manage 9 different World Wonders?

Neo: Not that hard at all. We had 4 real WWs and the rest were fake. Rewt was the main NE WW. Aim was main SE WW and BobKu was TVN’s at the border. The rest of Revelation’s WW were duds, mine included. I had no hope of building a level 100 WW. I was too much of a big target that the NW/SE would allow me to build my WW to 100.


Randomgeek: Tell us a bit about the person behind Neo and your life outside of Travian.

Neo: I’m 24 years old. I live in San Francisco, California. I play games for hobbies, I’ve been playing less Travian lately and a lot more League of Legends, a MOBA (Multi-player Online Battle Arena) game developed by Zileas!


Randomgeek: Did you learn anything from this server that will change the way you play in the future?

Neo: There’s always something I can do better each server. JayDee taught me a lot about battle tactics during interquadrant wars. If we play together on another server again, no capital is safe. We will erase every army that makes an appearance.


Randomgeek: What are your future plans once this server is over? Will your alliance stay together and move to another server or return on the next S5?

Neo: I enjoy leading alliances but we don’t have any plans for future servers, at least not yet.

I’m not a fan of legacy alliances. First, the core players from one server to another are always different. Players retired and new members join. Without the original core, it’s more or less a different alliance. Second, sometimes former enemies join my alliance on a different server. To leave bad blood in the past, a new alliance identity is best for everyone.

Depending on the interest of my core players, I may or may not continue Travian.


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  1. […] lot of people really liked the interview I did with the leader of the winning alliance from I post a lot of Battle Reports on my site, and this battle from is one of the biggest of all […]

  2. […] lot of people really liked the interview I did with the leader of the winning alliance from I post a lot of Battle Reports on my site, and this battle from is one of the biggest of all […]

  3. The great Neo!

    I liked the interview and I wish you the best on your future servers. For most of the round I was behind Melkor with Yitz.

    Greetings to everyone 🙂

    Sadly, I had to retire near the end and I’m not playing again. Though as Neo, I also pop up on LoL ^_^ and some SC2.

    Have fun and enjor our life!

  4. err, I meant “enjoy your life” 🙂

  5. The good old days, how I miss them, makes me want to cry! 😦

  6. its been a while neo.

    i’ve always admired how you lead our team and i have read some of the familiar comrades during this interview. whew. those are the good days. 🙂

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