Vote for the Winner of the Travian 3.5 Building Tree Contest

Hello everyone! This site is finally back up and running now! Sorry I wasn’t able to update more often during my vacation, the wireless internet at the hostels/motels I stayed at didn’t work very well.

I was able to send some updates to my Twitter Page by sending text messages on my cellphone, I hope some of you found that useful (and you can always see my Twitter updates on the right hand collum of the site as well).

I’ll try to get caught up by doing a lot of posting in the next 24 hours. And I’ve got a lot to cover, most importantly the ending of and the induction of the winners into the Hall of Champions!

But before I get to that, I wanted to update everyone on the Travian 3.5 Building Tree Contest. They’ve narrowed the entries down to the top five, and you can vote on which one you’d like to have as the official Building Tree. The winner of this competition will get a year of Travian Plus for free!

To view the five finalists and vote for the winner, follow this link:

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