S5.com Endgame: The End is Nigh

Things seem to be going bad for TWP on S5.com. It looks like the leading U-EnD World Wonder might be unstoppable at this point. Here are the current standings:

S5 WW Aug 7

It’s been about 6 or 7 days since I last posted the standings, but it’s interesting that when I look back and compare the current standings with the ones from back then, the order hasn’t changed, aside from an impressive surge by GandalftheGrey’s World Wonder to move from 7th to 5th, and MDDragon’s World Wonder being sent back to zero (battle reports for that are at the end of this update).

The top 4 haven’t changed at all, the leading World Wonder, Bobku, hasn’t slowed down at all. This leads me to believe that the TWP side might not have the armies left to take it down. I know they’re going to try, but I have to think that if they could take Bobku’s World Wonder out, they would have done it already.

Neo’s World Wonder, which many players expected to make a big comeback, hasn’t been gaining very many levels at all. Neo is the leader of U-EnD. It’s possible that at this stage they’ve given up on it, and are just concentrating on the ones that are ahead of it.

Stevieus’s World Wonder seems to be out of the race as well, as shown by this exchange on the S5 forums:

The Sitter: some people are rumouring and saying that you are not taking care of your wonder…. soldiers starving….resources wasted….

people begin to say you abandon your WW

Stevieus: People aren’t rumouring that.
People know that

The server’s over…
I think I’m allowed a break now

The Sitter: server its not over a bird tell me …

at least 2 weeks to end, with luck

some hammers are going to demolish (Bobku104’s) WW, and then what?

I suppose I can’t blame Stevieus for taking some time off if he thinks their lead is insurmountable, and he’s probably right. But apparently some of the players supplying troops weren’t told that the wonder was being abandoned, and their troops just went there and starved. This is definitely the cockiest move from the U-EnD side yet. It shows that they think they’re so far ahead that they don’t even need the extra defenders from Stevieus’s World Wonder elsewhere.

The Hidden Leader of the NW-Meta/TWP spoke with me via skype today, and he had this to say:

Meta is not short hammers they are still taking us out village by village, searching for any of our remaining hammers.
We are in the last desperate hours. Wish I had more for you but I can say I’m tired so are most of my other leaders, say what you want about Meta, they have been non stop on attacking, and relentless to seek us out, even with the lead they currently have.

Here are two of the biggest armies that walloped MDDragon’s World Wonder, if you want to see the others, look at this post. It looks like the defense there was pretty light.

MDDragon Wonder att2

A very nice Gaul army with a killer amount of Rams!

MDDragon Wonder att3

The leaders of the alliance #U.A# did a great job planning this series of attacks, and left nothing but ruins behind.


3 Responses

  1. Hats off to the Hiddenleader to give props to U-END

  2. Seems TWP is getting a bit desperate. I’ve heard rumors that some WW holders from U-EnD are expecting heavy hammers.

  3. I’ve heard that certain U-EnD WW Holders are calling for more Def. troops in anticipation of heavy hits. Let’s wait and see..

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