Travian News

Server Restart Announced

The Classic Server will be restarting on on August 21st. Pre-registration will open on August 19th. If you enjoy playing Travian in the old-school style, be sure to check this one out. Click here to see the official announcement thread.

Server 3 will once again be played using the Travian 2.5 ruleset. Now that all other servers are upgrading to version 3.5, Classic servers will be more “retro” than ever. They’re the only servers without artifacts, and they won’t have any of the other 3.5 upgrades either. They will, however, use the 3.5 map, meaning that unlike in the last round, they will have 7-croppers and all the possible combinations of 5-4-3-6 villages. Here’s what the staff members had to say:

Tschena:I checked it with the techsupport and there will be also 7-croppers on classic – so the map will be the same as for the new T3.5 servers.

But the rest of the features named are only features for T3.5 (legionaries costs, and so on).

Blackpaladin: Back during T2 we used to have 7 croppers. When T3 came out they removed those but added more 9 and 15 croppers. People still wanted 7 croppers back, and so now they returned them during T3.5. So com3 as a T2.5 now having 7 croppers is more classic of a server in my opinion.
You can view the winning alliances of the last Server 3 here.

Artifacts on and

This week artifacts were released on both S7 and Speed on the .com servers. I’m planning on doing an analysis of which alliances got the artifacts, which artifacts caused the biggest amount of fighting, and how the artifacts will affect the game. Look for it on the sight on Wednesday. In the meantime, you can view and early report from S7 here:

Australian Travian Forums needs a new moderator

Click here if you’re interested in how to apply.

New Online Browser-Game Forums

Browser Game Planet is new onlines forum for discussing all sorts of browser-based games, including Travian and Imperion(which is the Beta version of a new game made by the same company that made Travian). The forums are really well made and even has an arcade with fun mini-games. Visit the forum here: (I’ve also added them to my links section on the Features page).


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