Travian Artifact Natars Defense: The Final Word

I’ve posted the supposed defense totals at the artifact villages in Travian before, but now I’ve got new information that shows that everything we though we knew about the Natars defense was wrong!

When the artifacts were released on, I was in contact with players who managed to get some of them. They informed me that the defense they had to overcome at the Natar villages were slightly higher than what my site reported. I was surprised at this, because I believed the numbers I had posted previously, which came from a reliable player on the forums, to be accurate.

At this point I contacted’s admin, Tschena, and asked if the Natar defenses were different depending on what server they were on. It turns out that they are! Here’s the e-mail between myself and Tschena:

Randomgeek: I’ve been trying to get an accurate report on what the Natar defenses at Artifacts villages are, but I keep getting different numbers from diffferent sources. Does the amount of defense at the artifact villages vary depending on what day the artifacts are released?

Tschena: Thank you for your email.

No, they depend on the strength of the players of the server. So nobody will be able to answer your question in general as every server will have different natars defense.

So there you have it! The exact levels of Natar defenses at the artifact villages will vary on server to server. This explains why the numbers from were higher than on the .UK servers, because overall the players are stronger on .com servers.

So, take the numbers posted on my site as a rough estimate, but the exact amount of defense you’ll run into will depend on how good the players on your server are! (You can view the numbers I posted here.)

If I get more information I will add it to this post.


2 Responses

  1. will artefacts work in WW villages after a unique or account artefact holder capture those villages

  2. I have been told, that it depends on the strenght of the 100 biggest cleaners. It was the danish admin that gave me that number.

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