S5.com Endgame: The War Rages On

Hello everyone! Glad to be back to updating the site again now that the crazy situation at my work has been sorted out! I also had a lot to do on on the two servers I’m playing (S7.com and S9.com – just settled my 15-cropper on S9 I’m happy to say!).

Enough about me, let’s dive into the S5.com endgame coverage!

Since I haven’t been able to follow this as closely as I would like, this post is going to be long, and it’s still not going to be able to cover everything I would like to talk about. (As I write this post, I have 14 different tabs open on my web browser with info about S5.com, to give you some idea about how thorough I’m trying to be)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been impressed by the efforts of both sides of this endgame. Say what you want about how they played leading up to the endgame, but I don’t think you can argue that over the past week, both sides have been playing at a very high level. Good job to the leaders of both U-EnD and TWP.

Here are the current standings, to bring everyone up to speed:

S5 WW Aug 1

One thing I haven’t talked about enough is how difficult it must be for U-EnD to supply and defend 9 different World Wonders (I’m not going to bother counting the Lv.0 one). While there has been signs that they’re struggling to keep the defense up at some of them, overall you have to give their leaders credit for doing a great job. They’ve managed to keep the defense high enough to take out every hammer that’s hit them, and without good organization and planning they wouldn’t still have the massive advantage that they do. Some of the World Wonders are fakes not meant to win (I’ll talk about that more later in my post), and you can start to see the different levels of defense at different wonders emerging as we see more battle reports. From reading these battle reports I can tell that they are executing their plans very well.

U-EnD is facing a heavy onslaught of attacks, and if they had less World Wonders they would be in some real trouble. The Hidden Leader of the NW-Meta (which is leading the TWP alliance, to my understanding) contacted me and told me they have a lot of big armies left to use that they have kept hidden so far. He also mentioned that they have some “new allies” that will be joining the battle soon.

The biggest success so far for the TWP side is the massive hit that knocked the World Wonder of U-EnD’s leader, Neo, out of 2nd place all the way down to the rear of the pack. Here’s the battle report, the number of Catapults and Knights used is staggaring:

 Neo wonder att 2

This was followed by another attack, this one courtesy of another World Wonder holder! (Both attackers are from the Matrix alliance) Veen holds one of the Wonders on the TWP side, in my last post about the S5.com endgame I talked about how his World Wonder was sent back to level zero. I guess this is some revenge on his part:

Neo wonder att 3

A decent hit, I suppose, but I think it would have been much more effective if it had only targeted one Great Warehouse instead of two.

Doing this much damage to the World Wonder of the leader of U-EnD has to be good for TWP’s morale, but U-EnD’s leaders say that they wanted Neo’s wonder to draw out big attacks like this anyway.

Mrjaydee:Neo’s is a dummy.
This is based on his build which maximizes recovery instead of build time or defense capacity.

I don’t have inside info about Neo’s specific build, but from what has happened so far it would make sense if he’s correct. Look for Neo’s wonder to regain levels quickly.

It’s starting to sink in to the U-EnD side that their opponents do have the power to affect the outcome after all:

evenbetterspy: Credit where credit is due.
This was a nice hit.

Now the “rebels” wont win, but if they do have the claimed armies, they can chose which WW is to win the race.

Another succesful hit from TWP saw this huge army send Stevius’s World Wonder down to level zero from somewhere in the mid-fourties:

Stevieus's wonder att2 

Sorry for the small size, zoom in if you have too. Note that opposite to the big hit on Neo’s Wonder, this army went with a high number of Axemen instead of going for Knights.  The defense isn’t overwhelming, so one can conclude that this Wonder is a “dummy” as well (though Stevius already said as much so that isn’t exactly news).

Compare that to this defense at a different U-EnD World Wonder, currently in third place overall:

Tonia wonder att 1

The difference in the size of the defence here compared to Stevius’s Wonder speaks for itself. (NOTE: It’s amazing that I can even post a report like this, I’m a bit stunned this information was available on the S5.com forums.)

The leading World Wonder now belongs to BobKu104, who is part of an alliance of Vietnam Travian players (that’s part of the U-EnD Meta). Someone who claims to be a member of that alliance is already celebrating, but he should probably remember that there’s still a long way to go before this game is over:

Charlie Pepper:Best player on s5 is Bobku104. How can any other person compare? He win game. His ww. He is good friend of mine. He deserve to win game because he is best player. He play with Honor for our country.  (Edit: Charlie Pepper’s true allegiance is suspect, it’s quite likely that he’s just pretending to be a a supporter of BobKu104.)

In closing, I’d like to mention that one of the leader of EG-Rebel, which is part of the TWP alliance, is keeping a blog of their own about the Endgame. They said that I could link to the blog, so here it is:


 The news posted there is all from their point of view, but it’s still a great read. Thanks to Bea for letting me link to it, and for doing such a great job in making it, as a fellow blogger I really admire the work that went into making it.


4 Responses

  1. Hey,

    You should put the date at the top of your posts. It isn’t easy to find… Since we’re talking Travian you probably want to keep your readers up to date with WHEN.

    Great post btw.

    • Thanks Dan, glad you enjoyed it!

      The date of the post is always visible on the main page at the top of the post, and at the bottom of the post when you view it individually, so it’s always there. But I agree that having it more prominent would be useful. I’ll look into it.

  2. Those numbers are amazing and are definitely some of the biggest armies I’ve ever seen. 1.3 million troops at Tonia’s is VERY impressive. And those 100k hammers? I had no idea that TWP could put that together.

  3. The reason why Kanzyani has so many horses compared to axemen was that U-END players came very close to conquering his offensive village and destroyed all of granaries and raided massive amounts of crop from him. Kanzyani was originally a ArM player with a massive army but the player left the account and the new owner went rogue when his multi account (veen) was hit by a ReV Hammer.

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