S5.com: Enemies of U-EnD Unite, and U-EnD sends a message to them

A Quick S5.com update, because there have been some major developments.

The 3 alliances that each hold a World Wonder and are opposed to U-End have united into one common alliance. This means that they can all build a World Wonders all the way to Lv.100, but they’ll have a tough time overcoming the armies of U-EnD to do so. And they’ll still have to find a way to cut down the U-EnD Wonders that are ahead of them.

Just now, Veen’s World Wonder, which previously hadn’t been touched by U-EnD, has been dropped all the way back down to lv.0. All of U-EnD’s 9 wonders are now ahead of their enemies, though some of them (including Neo’s and Tonia’s) are recovering from some structural damage done to them by the other side.

I’ll try to get some battle reports to add to this post. If U-EnD used one of their top armies I think we definitely need to see it. This is possibly the climax of the S5 Endgame if they did, because a more pivitol event is unlikely to occur as long as U-EnD holds together and keeps it defenses up.

S5 WW Jul 28

It looks like U-EnD is trying to send a message to those that oppose them: We can take you out no matter what you do. The timing of this hit, so quickly after its opponents unite, seems designed to demoralize their competition and take away and momentum they were gaining.

In other news:

– Mistress D’s World Wonder was also hit, and lost at least one level. I’m not sure if she lost anything else.

– The alliance NATO, which previously had a peace treaty (but not a confed) U.A (one of the alliance that makes up U-EnD), is now causing them some trouble, after U.A dropped the peace deal with them because they were making demands that U.A didn’t want to agree to, such as letting NATO be a sitter at one of U.A’s World Wonders. There has been a lot of argument over whether or not U.A agreed that they could. The situation is complex and I won’t try to explain all the details here, but going forward, expect NATO to be a thorn in U-EnD’s side.

UPDATE: Here is the Battle Report of the attack that took out Veen’s World Wonder:

Veen Wonder att 1

Those are a ton of casualties.


4 Responses

  1. Hi

    Just a small correction. My ww village has not been damaged YET. 🙂


  2. This is why Mistress D has not built any levels of the WW in a while.

  3. Cool Beans! Nice attack and great report!

  4. I thought the server was all but over, guess not.


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