A Reader Writes…

This comment was left on my last post and I thought I should publicly address it:

Hi! Randomgeek,

IT is a cool site, and report is riveting so far.

Just a suggestion. I wish you don’t post the defense numbers of the WW site. I know you want to be reporting the competition. But try to remember that you are also trying to be an objective third party. Posting the numbers of the WW defenders could potentially affect the outcome of the WW race!

I would never want to potentially affect the outcome of a game (though whether or not I could affect the outcome of S5.com if I tried isn’t for certain, given the large advantage by the leading side).

But the battle report with the defense numbers were already posted on the S5.com forums, so the information is already publicly available to anyone. See this post. The person leaving this comment was likely unaware of this. Once it’s already out, it would silly for me to have to refrain from posting it to try to appear impartial.


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