Travian News

Classic version of Travian coming to Australia?

On the Australian Travian website, their administrator (Loki) recently made a poll asking players if they would like to see Australia open a classic server in the near future. Click here to see the results. About 70% of the people who voted wanted to see a classic server come to Australia, so I’d say there’s a good chance it could happen in the near future. Currently there are only two English speaking Classic Servers: Sever 3 on Travian.Com and Server 6 on Classic Servers give player a chance to experience Travian like it was in version 2.5 of the game.

UK Forums Clean-Up

The UK Travian forums are having a “spring cleaning” of their Gudies and FAQs section (WTF dudes, it’s the middle of summer!). They’re “promoting” some fan-submitted guides up to their “official” guides section. You can view their official guides here, and their fan submitted guides here. They have a lot of very good guides on their site.

Building Tree Contest

– Reminder: The contest to Design a new building tree for Travian version 3.5 has five days left in it. The winning entry will be linked to by this site!

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