S5.com: The Opposition Comes Out of the Shadows

They probably don’t have enough armies to stop 9 World Wonders, but the opponents of the U-EnD Meta Alliance on Server 5 are at least putting up a fight.

Perhaps they think they can pull off the ultimate comeback, perhaps they know something the rest of don’t, or perhaps they’re just fighting for a little respect. Whatever their goal is, they’ll have a hard time reaching it. But at least watching them try will be interesting.

The U-EnD World Wonders that were in 2nd and 3rd place have been sent to the back of the pack. Here’s a battle report of the attack on the previous second place wonder, held by Stevieus:

Stevieus's wonder att1

The player behind this attack, Marpet, has been without an alliance since the beginning of April. Previously they were a member of the alliance HaTe, which was at war against the alliance that currently make up U-EnD. After leaving HaTe, he built his army up alone for the chance to do some damage when it counted. Speaking on the forums he had this to say:

Marpet:… I had to play a little bit undercover the last couple of months.. UA and the Rev Meta had just too much firepower so I had to hide my army till the end..

 My only regret is that the other Hate members left pretty early, I’m sure that we could have put a good fight..we were pretty good back then.. I decided to stay here on S5, keep quiet and then do some damage to the enemy World Wonder. I know that is not a big setback as (they) have many WW but better then nothing..

I wonder if it’s possible that any other long forgotten foes of U-EnD are also in hiding out there, waiting for a chance to damage them. U-EnD was very thorough at eliminating anyone they considered a threat, so remaining in hiding without an alliance was the only way that Marpet was able to pull an attack like this off. In the long run it’s probably not going to stop U-EnD from winning, but on the other hand, you have to start somewhere…

U-EnD has been busy searching for other potential threats, and their leader and holder of the current top World Wonder, Neo, has posted some battle reports of their efforts. This is a part of the game I haven’t normally gotten a look at, so it’s a great privilege to be able to bring this report:

WW army hunt

Hope it’s not too small to read! Zoom in if you have to.

What you’re seeing here is an attack that catches a large enemy army before it can be used against the U-EnD side. Look at all those Imperians and Catapults that will never reach a target. And it’s likely the city itself (which has been made anonymous in the report) is out of commission for good as well.

So U-EnD can hunt down some the opposing armies before they can come out of hiding. But the leader of the NW-Meta side is apparently operating beneath their radar. He contacted me and had this to say:

Hidden Leader:Do not count the NW out, (U-EnD) is about to get rocked and if you are truly keeping score NW has taken out 3 ww’s, two by holding three plans and one by force. We may not win, but I hope on your (website) you will give a little more credit and not buy into all of the Neo hype. In next 48 hours you will see the 4th WW fall, again taken down by the NW.

On a final note, Neo nor any of his Meta know who truly is in-charge of the NW, it is eating at them, when the server is over I will provide exclusive details to let you truly know what the NW was up against…



P.S. Your site is pretty cool and I’ll let you know who I am in-game, just cannot reveal yet.

I asked Neo to comment on this, to confirm if it’s true that he doesn’t know the leader of the opposition. He said that it’s true he doesn’t know Hidden Leader’s identity, but it doesn’t seem to be “eating at him”

Neo: Leader of NW META is kind of a hollow title, I’m sure you realize that too. No, I’m not sure who he is, but if I had to take a stab, I’d say it’s ffred. Being a hidden leader of a crumbling endgame meta, not sure if he’s just hiding his name in shame.

More likely he’s hiding because he knows what would happen to him if U-EnD did know who he is! Stay tuned to this site for more info once it surfaces.

The wonder that was previously in 3rd place, and briefly in 2nd after the hit on Stevieus that I talked about above, was also attacked, and it dropped GandalfTheGrey all the way to the back of the pack. A battle report from this will be up on this site in my update tomorrow (expect it to be a smaller update as I have some other things I want to write about besides S5.com)

Here are the current standings:

S5 WW Jul 23

The enemies of U-EnD still face overwhelming odds to achieve a victory, but at least they have managed to shake up the leaderboard and pull out a few surprises. With the promises of more to come.

Neo’s World Wonder has also been under attack, and he posted this battle report showing that even he can be set back a little. I’m not sure if enough damage was done to take him out of the lead, but at least some levels were taken off one of his Great Warehouses. (Note: He’s blacked out the total amount of defense he has, but he’s left in the amount of defenders that were killed in the attack.)

 Neo Wonder att1

 More S5.com endgame coverage tomorrow!


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