S5 Endgame Coverage

The Server 5 Endgame has become even more lopsided since I last wrote about it here.

Now that World Wonders have hit level 50, the alliances U.A and EnD have merged their World Wonders into one alliance. This is what the World Wonder standings currently look like. Warning: It’s a slaughter:

S5 WW Jul 22

As you can tell from the standings above, they have very little in the way of competition, if you can consider the other World Wonder holders competition at all. Nine World Wonders ahead of the nearest competitor means they probably don’t even have to attack anymore to win this server.

The NW Meta, which as I explained in my earlier post is the only alliance that has enough WW plans to get its World Wonder to Lv.100, had their World Wonder sent to Lv.0, thanks to attacks from the server’s two largest players.

Here’s the first attack that damages the wall and took out a Great Warehouse, courtesy of the second largest account on the server, lolek&bolek:

MistressD Wonder att1

And here’s the largest player on the server, Skyflakes, putting the NW-Meta’s World Wonder from somewhere in the mid-20s down to level zero:

MistressD Wonder att2

This hammer is a good combination of Rams and Catapults, note how it takes out both the remaining wall and the World Wonder.

Here’s a look at U-EnD’s alliance screen. A very strong collection of alliances make up this Meta-alliance, and they are listed on the right of the screen:

U-EnD Alliance

As long as this alliance holds together, this should be a quick and painless endgame – for U-EnD at least.


2 Responses

  1. Don’t forget to update how a previously unknown player with no alliance whatsoever completely obliterated the WW belonging to Stevieus…


  2. MarPet is known in the NW. He was a major player from RONIN/HaTe

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