A reader writes…

Someone from Server 5 who was visiting this site left this comment on my last post:

Don’t forget to update how a previously unknown player with no alliance whatsoever completely obliterated the WW belonging to Stevieus…

There was a little bit a flame directed towards U-EnD after the “…”
above, which I’ve edited out because this website isn’t the place for that type of thing. Use your imagination.

But I do want to address what he says. The NW-Meta struck back at U-EnD with some impressive attacks for an alliance that looks to be so far behind if you go by the leaderboard, and I’ll definitely be doing a post on them soon. I’m not sure if the NW-Meta actually has a chance to win, and I would bet against it, but they certainly are going to try to make this interesting. A no-alliance player suddenly coming into play with an army capable of damaging a World wonder is something you don’t see very often.

If nothing else, they’ve succeeded in being newsworthy enough to make me spend another day writing about Server 5, instead of Server 4 like I was planning on doing tonight (I’ll try to get to S4.com tomorrow).

I was also contacted privately by one of the NW-Meta’s leaders, and he promises some surprises down the road. So stay tuned, this seemingly lopsided server isn’t going to end without a fight!


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