Building Tree Contest

There’s a new contest announced on the forums for players to make a new building tree, with the version 3.5 updates. (Thread here)

Here’s the details from the admin:

We now need a new building tree for and we are giving you the opportunity to create it. To give you an idea of what we are looking for, the current picture can be found here…0#buildingtree

*The building names must match the names in the FAQ. Most importantly, Armoury has a U, Town Hall has a space, and Stonemason’s Lodge is no longer called Stonemason.
*The building tree should show the differences between T3 and T3.5. If possible, you can also show what was different in T2.5.
*The file must be a JPG, PNG or GIF
*The file must be 680kb or less

The contest will finish on August 1st.
The winner will recieve 1 year of Plus.

Please send your building trees to until August 1st. We wish you good luck!

Once the winner is announced I’ll be sure to link to it on this site’s “favourites” section. I’m sure this is something that many players will find very ueful.


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