S5.com Endgame Analysis

It’s clear to me that – barring some enormous twist – the ending of S5.com won’t be nearly as exciting as the one from S3.com.

But it’s also clear that the skill level on the server is just as high as the last S3.com. It’s just that the decisive action went down a long time before the endgame started.

I’ll delve into that later – or rather, get someone who’s actually playing on the server to delve into it for me – but first let’s get everyone up to speed on what’s happening right now:

S5 WW Jul19

 The most important fact to be aware of is that EnD and U.A are a part of the same team. So between the two of them, they hold a dominating ten of the 13 wonders. With a huge force under their banner and only three targets to focus on, their side looks like it may be unstoppable. For what it’s worth, they “only” managed to get 9 world wonder construction plans, so the world wonder held by Mostly Harmless won’t be gaining any levels anytime soon.

Still, with 9 World Wonders on the move, that’s more than double that of their competition, which isn’t even united! You’ve got different factions holding each of the three remaining wonders and the remaining four plans.

Three of those plans belong to the NW Meta, which means they’re the only other alliance in the game that can build above Lv.50 right now.

Things look pretty lopsided on this server, no doubt about it. On the forums, members of EnD/U.A are even going so far as to give advice to their opponents:

Myjaydee: NW has 3 plans, only 1WW. EG has 1WW but no plan. Why didnt share them one of the plans?
If there is another WW besides the NW one, the meta would have to split their armies in half.
But since there is only 1WW, the one in deep SE will be ignored and the NW ones will suffer focus fire.
Ofc, we NE have enough army to take you both but logically, if you share them one, your WW will be in less danger, not to mention that if their WW fails first, perhaps they will full-heartedly support your WW

And their leader is so confident in their victory that he’s warning the other side about their attacks almost a week in advance:

TL Neo: …just wait until next Friday when we plow into one of the enemy WWs.

Neo is a veteran Travian player, he was playing back in the days when the village graphics were much cruder and the old-school artifacts were still a part of the game! You can read a write-up of his first time playing the game here:


As you can read about from the link above, he was the winning World Wonder holder on his very first server! (Be sure to check out the old-school screenshots)

UPDATE: Corrections were made to this post because I didn’t count BobKu104’s World Wonder as being part of the EnD/U.A Meta-alliance.


One Response

  1. You forgot to mention that Forsaken (renamed NW 4Sakn later), as a test and statement tried to take over the wonder held by Mostly Harmless, just before the building plans were out…

    And came just 4000 troops short to do it, pretty close lol.

    I got some sreens still, e-mail if interested.

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