Upcoming Updates

Once again I’ve been too busy playing S7.com and S9.com to update the site as much as I like. Plus my apartment is so hot these days that I don’t like spending time in front of the computer as it is. 

But I am working on some cool stuff that should be up on the site soon. I’ll be looking at the ending of Server 5, the starting of Server 4, and the middle of Server 7. And there’s also going to be an Australia servers update in the near future too. As well, I’ve got some plans for the strategies and tips section to make some improvements for it.

One cool thing I wanted to pass along is this link: http://www.thespeedgamers.com/. They’re doing a week-long Final Fantasy marathon and broadcasting it on the internet for to raise money for an autism charity. They’re playing every single Final Fantasy console game. Crazy. Right now they’ve just finished the second. So only ten more to go!


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