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Travian 3.5 adds artifacts to the game, which give amazing benefits to any player who is powerful and cunning enough to hang onto one. Artifacts first appear on the map about 150 days into a server, and they are heavily guarded my the NPC tribe, the Natars. Here is the amount of Natar defense at the Artifact Villages for each type of artifact, taken from various servers. Note that the exact amount of defense on your server will be different.

Small Artifacts (affect 1 city only): Artifact Village Small

 Large Artifacts (affect all villages on your account):

Artifact Village Large

Unique Artifacts (affect all your villages and only one of each type exists):

Artifact Village Unique

Now you know what you’re up against if you plan on going after an artifact!

To read about what the artifacts do and how they work, visist the official Travian FAQ

(Note: I posted this earlier, but I thought I should post it again because it is a very popular search topic and this information isn’t widely available anywhere else that I know of. I will also add this post to the site’s Features section to make is easy for everyone to find)

Update: Read this post.


14 Responses

  1. Great post!

    Are these numbers came from a speed server? do you happen to know the amount of attack strength needed for each artifact (estimated of course)?

    Thanks again,

  2. Hi,

    I love this game very much!!!

  3. Great post. Thanks for posting

  4. Hi, thankyou, Now me and my alliance Know how to take down a nater village.

  5. i have seen a 18 spearmen (natar defense) for Large arti

    i bet these numbers are Not real

  6. Some one actually attacked the Natar village before & took out all the defense with the artifact & reinforced the village with those spearmen to confuse NooBs!

    Ain’t that rite RandomGeeK???

  7. most likely he someone attacked and his hero died even though he won the fight and the artifact remained there. 18 troops are a bit strange.

    i’m playing a .ro server and the natar defense is again a bit larger then what is posted here. 20% more troops in natars village aproximately.

    in any case it’s a good post, any iddearon a speed server how many natar troops will be gurding the artifacts?

  8. Natars don’t have spears…

  9. It is my understanding that Natar defense is dependent on the makeup of the server… big offense = big defense.
    Don’t know how that is calculated.

  10. It must be from weak lithuanian server uniq arte had x2 times more troops than it is shown server im going to play in weak country so i will be able to take artefacts withou big losses

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